The Rigged Election that is Talked About Mutedly


By Alfred P.B. Kiadii

We cannot legitimize with our presence the imposition of a puppet government which is an attendant ramification of the political farce orchestrated by right-wing elements who are fixated on continuing the massive plundering of the people’s resources. The façade is detestable to the extent that one’s presence could be an endorsement of the chicanery.

The Danger that Lurks Stalinist Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has succeeded in truncating the people’s entry into history. It is a ploy for her to remain the de facto maximum leader and puppet master pulling the strings, in order to further amass ill-gotten wealth at the detriment of the working class and peasant masses of our people.

It is this scandalous imposition on the mass majority of our people which will widen inequality and ignite the cobweb of social discard. Like a match which the officiating team has already concluded the victor, President Ellen-Johnson Sirleaf, and rogue Jerome G. Kokoyah concluded on the outcome of the polls before the process commenced. The rest was a charade to satisfy the democratic formalities.

As NEC started violating the new elections law and other instructive canons governing election, that was a confirmation that the plot was in motion. New polling centers, unprecedented excess ballot papers, and voters’ registration paraphernalia distributed to negative elements to reproduce Voters’ cards outside of the formal arrangement were all attendant actions of the plot.

One must ask the question: if the process was not rigged for the preferred candidate of Jezebel Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, how come a close aide to her in Amos Seebo was caught with voters’ registration machine? If this happened in Monrovia, it holds that countless other incidences occurred in the countryside.

The unholy alliance between the black fascist George Weah and plutocrat Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is akin to the coalescence of the criminal NATO syndicate that toppled Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi. Unlike the Libyan scenario, this assault on the people will be masked under the charade of democracy. However, it does not relegate the vicious scheme to full throttle against the working class- class preoccupied with dealing a fatal blow to global capitalism and the economic exploitation of the resources of the homeland.

However, sooner a war of attrition engendered by right-wing realpolitik and the jostling for political space in the Coalition is on the horizon. The deadly elimination of opposing factions in the Coalition will be launched into orbit on the evening of 22nd January. As the NPFL-NPP-Taylor faction wants to settle score with the EJS faction for the benefactor of the latter undermining the leadership and turning over the benefactor of the former to the International Criminal Court.

This will lead to a wider schism that will have a ripple effect on governance. Thus, the “Change for Hope” mantra will then be a colossal catastrophe and a classic betrayal of the people’s aspiration for a better homeland. Furthermore, the ensuing ruling party has a right-wing leaning, which holds the policy of the new establishment will take a right wing drift. Expect to see a maximum leader whose malfeasance and misconduct will be defended by acolytes of retrogression.

In the same token, criticism against the ruling clique will be considered a sacrilege, as incarceration awaits political opponents who dare to question the misrule in the homeland. In history, as in life, state collapse has always been as a result of the war, but the imminent collapse of Liberia will be as a result of theft on a grand scale. This is because the new dishwashers from the ghettos and slums of America cum bureaucrats are in town to hatch the looting spree.

Then the people will realize later that they have been duped. Western Imperialism celebrates this political escapade because the new regime is right wing and lacks the dexterity to decipher the social forces that are galvanized against a country that demands better for her people.

For them, another cannon fodder disguised as political leadership presides over a backward African county which is a dumping site for low grey food, a playground for the rich and powerful, and a county whose national interest is not about improving the livelihood of her people but entrenching corruption, spurring political patronage, and igniting rent-seeking.

Of course, the run-off was a poisoned chalice masked under the pretext of ensuring a peaceful transition. The apologists of the bourgeois democracy main objective was not to engender a phony democratic transition, it was more about ensuring that a clique which will uphold the miasma of global capitalism against the people’s aspiration for economic liberation and self-determination is catapulted to the apex of political leadership in the homeland.

In a nutshell, the real agenda was to deny a person who had the pro-poor policy prescriptions from presiding over the Republic. Forget about the jingoistic razzmatazz oozing out of the liberal media, which is more interested in profiteering and idiosyncrasy, antithetical to landing critical thoughts on nagging national issues.

The liberal media is the first area the class enemies buy when they want to hoodwink the masses of the people. For them, once the liberal media bombards the people with garbage, the people then will be neutralized from critically examining the contradictions in circulation. Until then, the masquerade continues!

When the dust settles and reality sets in, a formidable left tendency will be in the mainstream of our polity to interpret the issues to the people. It is our hope that the masses of our people will understand and make the right decision. Transformation from Quantity to Quality In certain quarters, gentlemen who play possum with the insightful contributions we are making on the political climate of the Republic have set out to provoke us by taunting tantrum and receding to laughter.

Others write insipid and lengthy diatribe attacking our persons and other noblemen who we are beholden to – not because they have anything substantial to say, but to justify the crumbs they get from the spoils. For they think that the people’s support to a cause goes on unabated when there is a groundswell of misrule.

Such crass mindset leaves the oppressors in free fall when the people decide to descend on them. And so we quote for these people the insightful words of Fidel Castro: “The fact is, when men carry the same ideals in their hearts, nothing can isolate them – neither prison walls nor the sod of cemeteries.

For a single memory, a single spirit, a single idea, a single conscience, a single dignity will sustain them all.” On the other hand, for I say to them when fundamental principles of life hang in the balance, patriots, whether isolated or separated, do not recede to cowardice. To do so is to betray others who came before us and whose sacrifices made it possible for us to have a Republic.

When the dust settles, we don’t want to blame ourselves for any truth unspoken, the struggle betrayed, and the wrongdoings not condemned. The elements of reaction have not come to terms with the reality that it takes enlightenment from few individuals to break the cycle of indifference, which will ultimately spark the stampede of the people, from the box of docility, into the equator of history.

To add the seminal lines of the Master: “A just cause even from the depths of a cave can do more than an army.” Nobody can deny the fact that the constant exposure of the bankruptcy of the ruling clique is preparing the powder keg for the revolution hereafter: a struggle the people will lead to overthrow the national bourgeoisie who perpetrated economic genocide on the Republic.

It this struggle which will usher in self-actualization, self-reliance, and self-determination- a new day that is possible after the elimination of the oppressors. For our people, like all other peoples in history, bruised by the claws of an implacable tyranny, saddled by the poison of misrule dehydrated by the pandemic and pernicious poverty, will never be sapped by the inertia of indifference to not demand freedom in the name of liberty and justice.

Docile as the class enemies would want us to believe the people are, the people will rise above their human frailties to struggle for the right to live. No people sit idly when the question of their survival is threatened by the vitriolic gluttony of the ruling class. When the people wake up and demand true freedom, the implacable tyranny, disguised under the purdah of democracy, will fall like a house of cards!

The dialectal concept that steady buildup of small changes can at a certain time become metamorphosed into a colossal, quantum leap is instructive in chaos theory and its offshoots holds for the chain of consciousness that is having a sweeping wave across the homeland. A change which will not be occasioned by power-hungry bandits who know not about the nuances of statecraft but whose claim to power was aided by the fact that the left formation in the homeland had not the material resources to struggle against the social forces which were leading the charge for the imminent rightward drift of the national politics.

Let me remind you, the regimes the Liberian people come on the street to celebrate, in all of the instances, have been ruthless cliques that have forsaken and visited pains upon them as of the lust for power and material possession. I see them doing so today in the same faction with more deafening slogans, pomp and pageantry, reaching ear-piercing crescendo. But I say to the clique that these people will see through your agenda and demand an end to the economic bloodletting of their resources.

On that day, oh what a fall awaits those who think they can plunder the resources of the people and walk scot-free! On that day, the people’s democratic tribunal will be set up to try the corrupt and, when found guilty, properties will be confiscated and turned over to the state. Oh yes, the rule of law will then replace the rule of impunity, and the big man syndrome will be an artifact consigned to the museum!


  1. Wow, wonder how many Liberians, including even the so-called ‘educated’ would comprehend what the author is attempting to do in the article. Bombastic and laced with apocalyptic doomsday theory, yes, but poignant and probably predictive of a possible governance failure under the ex-footballer, and the socio-political repercussions thereof and their impact on the big, rich, manupulative hidden hands (a la Ellinites) that bequeathed the national leadership to a directionless, unprogressive puppet regime.

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