The Dangers That Loom: From Whence Cometh Our Help?


During the dark, early morning hours of August 12, 2015 I had a very peculiar dream. I dreamt that zombies had invaded Planet Earth and waged a full scale attack on the human race. For those who don’t know what zombies are, they are like dead bodies possessed by demons that enable them to walk; and like vampires, they feed on human flesh and blood. Even worse, anyone bitten by a zombie is transformed into one within minutes, with the craving for human flesh and blood taking over the infected person. It is a very dreadful and disgusting image to have in mind.

I watched the dream unfold as though it was on a movie screen. The zombies scavenged the earth for fresh human flesh and blood, biting anyone they could subdue and infect with their cursed existence. Gradually, they infected the entire human race – not a single human being was spared. Then I saw a small one-room zinc shack in the middle of nowhere – as in a desert – with an extremely bright light shining from small openings within the shack. Even the brightest daylight could not match the power of light that shone from within the shack. To me, the light was divine. There was a man inside whom I identified as Jesus Christ. Though I did not see his face, he was just standing there, with this light radiating from him.

The zombies drew closer to the shack and paused. They seemed all too sure that in there was the last man standing and that there were enough zombies ready to subdue him in order to feed on his flesh and blood. Their leader pushed the door open and stood in the doorway. There was Jesus, standing in the middle of the room with his hands crossed upon his chest. No words were exchanged. Then the zombie and several of his kind advanced and began to lay hold of Jesus. He (Jesus) seemed to try to block them but eventually, they grabbed his arms and began biting into his flesh. As they did, the most amazing thing happened: each zombie that bit Jesus was transformed back into a human. And each zombie that bit those who were transformed, got transformed back into humans as well. And it continued this way until all those infected by the bites were reversed and the entire human race was healed of this zombie curse.

As I watched this most powerful miracle unfold, I thought to myself, “Wow! Behold the power of the blood of Jesus Christ!”

Later on, I saw celebrations going on everywhere. I found myself walking through pool parties and barbecue parties, and crowds of people who were celebrating the victory over the zombie invasion. All around, people were engaged in carnal revelry and consumption of alcoholic beverages like they were going out of style. I was disappointed to see that. Instead of giving thanks to Jesus Christ who had freed the world from this curse, people were praising themselves — the works of their own hands — for the defeat of this dreadful enemy. How soon did they forget! So I interrupted a man and asked if he understood what had just happened. “Of course!” he exclaimed with a beer in his hand. “We are celebrating life! Great to be alive again!” I posed the same question to another man whose response was similar. But I wanted to know if he knew the actual source of this victory. So I asked him, “Do you know Jesus?”

“Please,” the man told me in a frank tone with a beer in hand. “Here we are celebrating our freedom from something that tried to eliminate the human race, and you are bringing this your religious talk. Please do not spoil our good time.” Really upset, I got into my car and drove away to a coastal area, where
I was sure I could clear my head. Once there, I found a shaded area to park, reclined the car seat and closed my eyes. -End of dream-

I have shared this dream with only a few persons who I consider to have credible spiritual insight and/or the ability to interpret dreams. My knowledge of these persons spans between three and ten years. As far as I can tell, they do not know each other. Amid some slight variations in their interpretations of this dream, two main points are common to them: First, they are convinced that this dream concerns our nation Liberia. According to them, every time we have been redeemed from the depths of war, carnage and disease, the threat of receivership and other ills that threaten the security and sovereignty of the state or the very lives of its people, the Lord Jesus has withheld what would have been a catastrophe beyond our collective imagination. Second, they all agree that this dream is a message not to be kept to myself, especially given this mass media platform on which I am privileged to share it. I am not a priest or a prophet, neither do I read palms or light candles and such. However, I believe in the mysterious ways of God and that this dream is a message from Him to all of us.

It seems, having come out of 15 years of civil war, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past — secret killings, ritualistic activities, corruption in high and low places alike. What we seem not to realize is that the writing of judgment is already on the wall. When Ebola struck, the entire body of Christ in Liberia unanimously agreed that God was angry with Liberia and begged God for mercy. Just when we seem to have forgotten, it has struck again. If we continue to forget, He may send an even louder message. Who knows what that might be?

As Liberians observe Fast and Prayer Day on April 8 this year, may we reflect on all the times God has delivered our nation, ask His continued guidance and protection upon us, and give thanks and praise to Him who is the author of our destiny. “Whoever has ears, let them hear.” (Rev. 13:9)


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