Stop Double-dealing with One-China Policy


As indicated in the InProfile Daily Newspaper Vol. 9, No. 010, Thursday, November 24, 2016 edition, the Liberian Association of Chinese Trained Scholars (LACTS) takes serious exception to the communications written by former speaker George Dweh to the authorities of Taiwan requesting to establish official trade links with Liberia in total disregard of the One-China policy resolution signed into law by the National Transitional Legislative Assembly, which Mr. Dweh served as speaker.

It beats our imagination to see the former speaker, who was part of lawmaking in Liberia, to be the one circumventing the law. We are therefore calling on all Liberians to condemn this selfish act by Mr. Dweh which is tantamount to derailing the cordial relationship between Liberia and China.

Let us take a look at the facts and be reminded of China’s contribution to Liberia:

Since the reestablishment of diplomatic relations, the China-Liberia mutual beneficial cooperation has been developing apace. China, as a permanent member of UN Security Council, supports the deployment of UNMIL in Liberia and is one of the earliest countries who sent peacekeeping forces to Liberia and made great contribution to the peace and reconstruction of Liberia. After the outbreak of the Ebola virus disease (EVD), China took the lead in emergency assistance and was the only independent builder and operator of the ETU in Liberia. Right after the outbreak of the EVD, Wang Yi, China’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, visited Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, sending a positive signal to the international community of China’s continued support. In recent times, the Government of China decided to assist Liberia in the upgrade and expansion of the Robert International Airport Terminal by providing a 50 million United States dollars concessional loan. As the Dry Season begins, the Liberian people will start to see the construction of the new airport terminal and the ministerial complex, the extension of the Capitol Building annexes as well as renovation of the SKD stadium – all done by the People’s Republic of China.
Is it for self-aggrandizement?

Mr. Dweh’s collusion with Taiwan is the reprint of the previous “checkbook” diplomacy. This is intended to seek personal gains rather than the interest of the country. Mr. Dweh, as former speaker of the House who was a key player in the resolution, should have complied with the law instead of breaking it just to satisfy his own interest above the country’s.

As John F. Kennedy said in his inaugural address in 1961, “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. We believe that such behavior by Mr. Dweh has the propensity to undermine the friendship between China and Liberia.


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