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My dear People of Liberia, I greet all of you:

I come to you today to answer the question about whether I will sit down and not take part in the General and Presidential Elections of 2017 or stand up to be the next President of Liberia through the 2017 Elections.

When one out of every five Liberian children dies before reaching one year of age, this is not the time for me to sit down. When half of the Liberian children are looking much smaller than their ages because they do not eat good food, this is not the time for me to sit down. When nearly all of the Liberian children who die get killed by diseases that can be stopped by the know-how and money in Liberia, this is not the time for me to sit down.

When half a million Liberian children of school age are not in school, this is not the time for me to sit down. When there are one and a half million Liberian children in school but nearly all of them do not have qualified teachers to teach them, this is not the time for me to sit down. Even when there are more than 5000 schools in Liberia but the educational system of Liberia is a MESS because it is not promoting Liberian culture but it is based on foreign culture, then this is certainly not the time for me to sit down.

When the young people of Liberia are massively unemployed but foreigners are doing jobs and owning businesses in Liberia that these young people can do and own, then this is definitely not the time for me to sit down. When the doors of success are not open to women who can do as well or even better at work than men, then this is clearly not the time for me to sit down. When the workers of Liberia are being made second-class citizens by some Liberians who are supposed to be representing the interest of the workers but they do not want to make the Law for giving the workers a decent standard of living, then this is certainly not the time for me to sit down. When there is still no justice for the poor people, then I must not sit down in the face of injustice.

When the President of Liberia says publicly that the government of Liberia has failed to stop corruption and corruption has now become a vampire sucking the lifeblood of the people, making the poor people poorer and a few rich persons richer, then this is the time for me to stand up. When the vampires, who benefit from the sweat, tears and blood of the people, are campaigning to be elected for political offices, including the Presidency, misusing the people's money and being honored by false representatives of the people, then this is really the

time for me continue standing up. When the vampires continue to do the same blood-sucking of the people that brought the Civil War and could bring another Civil War, then, with  the experience that I have in stopping the Civil War and working to prevent another Civil War,  I must stand up taller and stronger now to stop the vampires.

So my dear People of Liberia, I, Togba-Nah Tipoteh, come to you today to say to you that that I am standing up to be the next President of Liberia through the 2017 General and Presidential Elections. I want to be your next President because I continue to do the work of the President without being the President. As President, you already know that I am prepared to provide leadership to stop the vampire because of the work that I still do. What is the work of the President of Liberia? The work of the President of Liberia is for the President to be in the front, working with as many people as possible, to convince the people of Liberia that they have the right to own Liberia and to work and benefit fairly from the work that they do. The President must be in the front by example, by being the servant of the people, using the Constitution of Liberia to protect the rights of the people by installing a sustainable system of justice for all of the people of Liberia. I want to be the President because of what I have done and what I am doing and not because of the things I would like to do that the people have not seen me doing. You already know me to be your Servant and so I am presenting my humble self to you to be considered as your next President. If you let anybody cook your food without your knowing whether or not the person can cook good food, you could get sick or die from bad cooking. This is why with all of the suffering that the people of Liberia continue to go through, they have to choose well in 2017 so that the suffering can stop.

For the 2017 Elections to be free and fair, the Commissioners of the National Elections Commission must be appointed by the President from a list of ten names given to the President by Civil Society. This new way of appointing the Commissioners of the National Elections Commission will prevent electoral fraud where a Commissioner is a foreigner, foreigners are candidates for elective offices, foreigners are voters in elections in Liberia and the wrong names of candidates are deliberately placed on ballot papers.

As I bring this Message to a closure, let me thank the People of Liberia for the progress made in stopping Ebola by their taking ownership of the process of stopping Ebola through helpful messages and actions. Praises go out to the Health Care Workers for their sacrificial services and let us say Never Mind Yah to them for the hundreds of Health Care Workers who gave up their lives while trying to save the lives of other people. Let us take good care of the Ebola survivors and the children of the people who died from Ebola. The People of Liberia remain grateful to all of the friends of Liberia who have come to Liberia to help stop Ebola.

Most of all, for all of the blessings that we continue to receive, let us thank God, Allah, Nahngala, Ah-Bie, Walah, Gi-Wala Gala, Glaypor, Kamba, Nyihnswa. To all of you my dear People of Liberia, I thank you by saying Eseh emama. Emama, bayzuo, baika-way, balika, enaykay kobalika, ahtato, ahtrohwa, ka-ah zuo katoto-diah.

Thank you very much for listening.


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