Remarks Delivered by H.E. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf President of the Republic of Liberia at the Dedication of Headquarters of the Central Bank of Liberia


Mr. Speaker and Members of the Legislature
Mr. Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court
Mr. President Pro Tempore
Members of the National Legislature
The Dean and Members of the Cabinet
The Doyen and members of the Diplomatic Corps
Ladies and Gentlemen

We are here to participate in a historic milestone in the fulfillment of our steadfast effort to transform our country. We continue to challenge those in public service and the private sector that the development of our country depends on the vision, leadership and participation of all; that goals and targets are achieved only when everyone plays a part.

We are on Ashmun Street to dedicate a structure that gives our capital city a new lease, one that brings us on par with other Central Banks in the sub-region. At the same time, we stand facing the rapid destruction of a historic structure that is a victim to the games of insensitivity and greed.

Credit for the achievement today goes to Governor Mills Jones and his able lieutenants for their determination to complete in this administration another major project that was started by a previous government. I recall the early strong objection faced by a major bilateral partner for what was considered the improper use of reserves for such a high cost facility. I am glad that I stood firm in support of the Governor’s decision and I am sure we are all proud of the results. In doing so, we recognize the importance of collaboration and support to the institution, which serves as the custodian of public resources. We are to provide backing to our institution, which with broad ranging autonomy and independence granted by statue, is called upon to forego personal ambition in serving the national interest.

I wish to recognize also the role played by the Board of Governors and with particular salute to retired Governor John Bestman, a long time public servant par excellence.

Thank you all for participating in this celebratory event.


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