Ode to Mandela


The passing on of Mr. Mandela to the other side, a man in his own class, a harbinger and full epitome of peace is a clarion call to Africa and the entire world to seek peace and harmony for the common good of humanity. It is our hope that South Africa after Madiba will rise and show the world what it is to forgive and forget, seeking peace and forging ahead for the common existence of all South Africans and thus carrying the legacy of Madiba to the next level.

The long years of incarceration at Robben Island taught Madiba to be at peace with self and the environment, make use of his isolation and uplifting those who were faint hearted alongside him.

Out of prison, the man did not bear any scars of hate, but forgiveness, peace and reconciliation ensured from him. He surprised too many not only in his native country but the world at large with his desire to forgive and let everyone in South Africa enjoy equal rights.

Through his deeds he defied the status quo, modelled a paradigm shift, inspired a vision and challenged others to think like him. The Rainbow country was born

Like his idol the Indian peace icon, Mahatma Gandhi Mr. Mandela used peaceful tactics for dealing with the issues of racialism, segregation and apartheid and encouraged a common existence for all based on equal rights. He fought injustices out of prison and in prison. With persistence victory was won.  

Closing of another chapter of the illustrious life of Madiba is indeed a dark day but we thank God as we celebrate his life. Such people do not come that easy and as the world mourns the challenge is: can we do all of us to live the legacy of that great individual and take his mantle? A selflessness Leader and a great believer in the contributions of others – that is the way to describe Mr. Mandela

Other qualities that shaped the life of Mr. Mandela:

Yearning for Knowledge – one of the familiar quotes underscores Mr. Mandela’s longing for education “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” he attended various universities and continued reading.

Espoused Sacrifice – at great price could one give up fame of the Presidency and the tripling of power attached. He did not let power get to his head. In being so humble and giving, he allowed others to also emerge as leaders. This is as if the 27 years in prison were not enough and itsafter effects to his health which has culminated into his death..

Skirmish against Conformity – Madiba made a number of decisions different from the current beliefs of the time, both in his personal and public life. Away from the status quo he challenged the system of the time and fashioned his own dream.

Stubborn Sense of Fairness – thisempowered him to endure doing everything he believed was dead-on even when others went against it. And many other attributes.

Madiba indeed has fought the fight and run his race and accounted for his time on this earth. Sweet will be the memories of this statesman, revolutionist, sportsman, teacher, friend, pioneer, a freedom fighter, hero, colossus, icon and simply a commonwealth-sincewe all want to identify with him and his achievements.

Our prayer is that they shall arise others with the attributes of the Madiba. Africa needs them and the world needs them too.

Goodbye Madiba.


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