Not by Name, but by Merit


By Henrique Caine

Ok let me venture on a topic that may just garner “plenty talking” as we say in LIB. I saw an article today critical of the Weeks family for landing too many plush GOL jobs. Well I will not second guess Madam’s Presidential hiring decisions or constitutional prerogative because I don’t have the delegated burden to justify them. That’s for her spokespeople.

However what I do know about the Weeks Clan since I was a boy, is that I remember them in public service. We once lived in the same Compound on the Oldroad with one of the sons and his young family. I recall that the oldman James Milton Weeks who I think was the eldest brother of the previous generation before this one, was Secretary of Treasury under Tubman, then a brief stint as Minster of Finance under Tolbert. I also recall that Rocheforte Weeks Sr., was Minister of Foreign Affairs under Tolbert and was UL President under Tubman. If my small boy memory still serves me right, if I recall, Monroe Weeks was an educator and Anthony Weeks ran what back then was the largest supplier of school uniforms.

All from the previous generation.

So perhaps public service is just their thing– who knows? But I don’t think any LIB family, regardless of where in LIB they come from should be banned or discouraged from public service. Let’s always keep it on individual merit and it should really be the only measuring yardstick. Again, I cannot speak to political decisions and the rationale for them. But just my sense of things regarding the discourse and keeping it straight, that any Liberian with the pre-requisite skills can and should pursue public service if that’s their choice….no matter the last name!



  1. What about all the Sirleafs? What about all the Kamaras? What about all the McClain. Did you hear about the President ever naming a child of VP Boakai to a high government post that required confirmation? The Weeks Family have proven their capabilities and trustworthiness long before this administration. Our just please leave this subject before I start talking about what has happened at the Ministry of Finance, etc.

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