How to Reduce Corruption


By Edward Valentine, Sr, retired engineer

Endemic corruption has been the cause of Liberia’s lack of development in both infrastructure and human sectors and it was early in 2005 described as ‘Liberia’s enemy number one,’ in which the government of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf set out to defeat. Yet nearly twelve years later, the government admitted the fight against it was unsuccessful, as expected, blaming society, the churches, mosques, families, kids, among others for its endemic presence in our society. Nonetheless, many Liberians have made recommendations, one of which is harsher sentences for those who are convicted for their involvement in corruption to eliminate this canker from our society and below is a brief recommendation by retired engineer, Edward Valentine, Sr of Monrovia on how the new government can do to defeat or at worst minimize corruption in Liberia. Editor.

Let every Government of Liberia’s (GOL) employee who handles Liberian people’s money be bonded. Read the Liberian government’s corruption history about handling the Liberian people’s money. Several GoL employees were dismissed and demanded to pay back the stolen money or else. Ask us old and retired and still living.

Our present Liberian people (younger) yet without reasons argue that GoL employees were almost all Congo people-Americo Liberians. The government did not employ the native people for government jobs so they bonded themselves. Yet only few serious cases compared to now.

Since the coup d’état of the 1980 (read between the points instead of long narrow reasons) until now the new government of Liberia then had (down loaded) dismissed the bonded system. Look, Liberians (whatever you want to call me). Corruption has grown from say 20% then, to 90% at present or over.

President George Weah must introduce the bonded system into his new Government.

Now, I will confess why I voted for George Weah; looking at both men. My only important reason was that the new president will easily be upgraded to competence for growth from my experience that is why I voted for Ambassador George Weah; instead of Ambassador Boakai an old friend indeed in complacency, which I felt he had already grown and would only apply what he had for the past 12 plus years. Look good and competent persons will do as I did when I came home from school. No! I rather be a good engineer as those who know my connection are aware.

Our new government should begin immediately to bring private type of control to companies: 65% to be owned by the GoL and the new company must work within the 35% with profit. Stop these “ow-hmm” appointments. Let the GoL begin to see what can work for it. Such areas such as the LEC, Water & Sewer, Freeport, and so on and the GoL will begin to see great development and money value returns.

Yes! Begin to consider within six months by now GoL (new) will notice the waste in great salaries. Begin a referendum and let the Liberian people set salaries for up and down. So when you announce development for your people, they will be satisfied. Try it! Set salary base by CONSCIENCE up and down.

Oh! These are the changes I envisioned can make Liberia a great nation. Just try to read the national anthem-word for word. Yes! My people, these are my reasons for voting for CDC. Congratulation Hon. George Weah, be a great President!



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