Coping with Food Self-sufficiency in Liberia


In recent weeks, the Liberian Council of Churches (LCC), in collaboration with the World Council of Churches in Africa, joined the fight against hunger and poverty in Liberia, with the launch of a major fund drive to boost the country’s agriculture sector.

The theme of that crusade was: The role of the Church in fighting Hunger and Poverty”.

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was the guest of honor at the ceremony where she pledged her government’s commitment to render unflinching support to fight hunger and poverty.

Although this effort by the LCC could be considered long overdue for a nation striving to feed its population of 3.5 million, it is a singular gesture to keep the world comity of nations adequately informed and to galvanize support to collectively join efforts in the fight against hunger, poverty and disease.

Liberia being Africa’s oldest independent nation is of no exception to this quest, and that is why the Liberian leader and people of Liberia are particularly grateful to investment companies such as the UCI; a multimillion investment company located on Bushrod Island, Monrovia, which has contributed immensely to the provision of food for economic self-sufficiency in the country.   

The UCI is one company that has been working assiduously towards this goal, especially in maintaining the constant supply of rice—Liberia’s staple food— on the local market.

 UCI, according to our survey, has over the years joined this global phenomenon, which poses a serious challenge to combating hunger and poverty as it relates to the prevailing economic difficulties world-wide. Particularly with the current inflation that is causing price fluctuation on the local market.       

This has greatly affected the Liberian economy, whereas the exchange rates on the local market, mainly the Liberian legal tender and US dollars rates, are climbing up each day, thus affecting the prices of basic consumable commodities such as rice.

But with the presence of UCI in Liberia, the market continues to benefit from a greater supply of rice on the local market.  

 This effort is facilitated by UCI management, which according to Mr. Sam Faley, General Manager of UCI, is currently unloading a huge consignment of rice being docked at the Freeport of Monrovia pier to meet the growing demand from the people of Liberia. Already the metropolitan City of Monrovia and its environs have benefited from a better supply of rice on the market thanks to the UCI. Meanwhile, similar efforts are being made for possible distribution in other parts of the country.  

There is a popular saying that goes, “an empty bag cannot stand; a hungry man cannot work nor go into agricultural venture without adequately being fed.  It is therefore, a befitting gesture for the government to say" BRAVO to UCI.”

According to Sam Faley “It is also management’s expectation to venture into Liberia’s agro-industry development in the future and create more job opportunities for Liberians; especially youths, in the not too distant future.” 


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