Chinese Loans to Africa are ‘Free of Conditionalities’

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The second session of the 12th National People's Congress (NPC) of China was recently concluded in Beijing. The session was to evaluate China's economic growth among other things.

At a press conference organized to state China's foreign policy toward Africa, particularly as it pertains to loans and other facilities offered to African countries, the Chinese Foreign Minister, Mr. Wang Yi, assured the audience that China does not attach any conditionality on loans and other facilities given to Africa.  Mr. Wang stated that the one thousand projects it has undertaken in Africa, non has had conditionality attached to them.

In response to a question expressing doubt about the motives underlie China's aid to Africa, Mr. Wang emphatically stated that "We are not in Africa to interfere in their internal affairs."  And further went on to say that "Even when we were poor, we supported African countries in their struggle towards independence.  It was our African brothers who brought China into the United Nations."

Mr. Wang recalled that 50 years ago, Premier Chu En Lai visited Africa and since then, other Chinese high ranking officials had visited the continent to deepen the bond of friendship and cooperation between China and Africa.  He stated that China and Africa have been "good partners in development" and added that the cooperation had also drawn other countries' attention to Africa's worth and wealth.
Mr. Wang announced that Chinese Premier Li Keqiang would visit Africa and gave an assurance that the cooperation between China and Africa would enter a new phase.


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