Applying Common Sense to Rebuild Liberia


Fellow Liberians, I want to talk to you today about what is wrong in our country: there are a lot we have to talk about – we need to make some hard decisions about what is required to get things done in this country. To sum it up – it boils down to common sense.

Common sense dictates these things as simplistic as can be – that we work together to remake Liberia.

Common sense demands that we extrapolate a workable solution to our ubiquity unemployment situation in this country. So let us start by introducing cornucopia of employment opportunities for all Liberians. Not just the well learned and the well connected, but also those that are un-skilled too. Because there are a lot of ways we can bring about employment opportunities that are associated with low skill level work. Like food production, construction of our roads, cleaning our streets, and there are lots more that can be added to the list. This is how we will move into the future. We can no longer remain a nation that refuses to grow- other countries are moving in an accelerative direction – all we do is put our hands between our legs and hope that things will become better. The time for hopping has past and the time for doing is now!

Liberians let us test common sense and we will be amazed to see what common sense can produce. Common sense Liberians, so we can revamp our school system. And prepare our students for the best possible opportunities – so that they can compete with their peers in other nations.Where teachers can have the resources needed to perform their duties -which is to teach and mold young minds. And while we are at it, we must not neglect to match the wages to their performance. For we know that it is prudent that we venerate our educators. There has to be some incentive to keep these men and women motivated to impart our young population.

Common sense tells us that our road infrastructure is in a rudimentary condition. I ask myself sometimes when we will grow up. Looking at my age now – I say to myself where have all these years has gone – without a solution to our common problems. Because nothing has changed since I was a boy growing up in this country. When will we come to the realization that we can be more in our thinking, and in the dispensing of ideas? So, my question to you Liberians, when will we be ready to do the necessary things that can prove development? Some of the developments that need to take place can be done by communities that have progressive thinkers – the truth is that the government will not do everything in our communities. We have to put our common sense to work and make the kind of change or changes we want to see in our nation Liberia. Like some of these pot-holes that we all navigate in our communities can be repair by us – the trash in our communities, the grass that grow in the front of our houses can be done by us – because if we wait for the government to do all, we will be waiting for a long time. I want to be clear about my position and not be misconstrued – I am not speaking for the government, however, we need to play our part in society. That’s all!

I say to you young people take your place in this country, remake yourself and make history – this is your time to remake your future. As you can discern by now nothing has changed, and nothing will change until you are ready to see the change take place in your life. I can see the elevation of voracity among your young people seems to ebb. But this not the time to be sucking fingers and complaining –thisis the time that youshould musterthe strength needed to expunge the script you were given, and write yourown script. Because the future of this country will only be brighter with you playing your part – like going back to school – and if you are in school keep trying, do not give up. Liberia needs you.

Again, let us apply common sense to meet the future with hopeful optimism.I ask that you join me and let us pray that God who watches over nations will hear our call and help us make a better decision for this nation to do well. I know that we can do better, and we will. Hold your head up do not allow your spirit of optimism to wean.

“The struggles dawdle.”


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