“Apostle John Adolphus During, Ambassador For Life”


“There was a man sent from God whose name was ‘JOHN’ Adolphus During, to bear witness of the Light” (John 1:6)
Apostle John Adolphus During, Ambassador for Life! You lived a good life, a life heavily invested in service to God and humanity. You are a true Ambassador for your country of Liberia, and for your Heavenly Homeland, and I should add here that you were a great Ambassador for the Faith Fellowship Ministries International, which you represented as its ‘stellar’ Liberian Overseer.

Apostle John During, Ambassador for Life! Here lies a great man, a man of great spiritual stature, a man so kind-hearted, tender, humble, and understanding. Yes, a family man who cherished family values, who upheld the sanctity of marriage, and manifested community spirit in all he said and did. He was a plain man who had nothing to hide, a man so open and real. He related with ordinary people on the streets with much simplicity and deep love – no airs about personal prestige, political position, or social status. He was indeed a man who believed that the Cross of
Jesus Christ levels all men just the same way it preserves the dignity of each person.

We saw this Ambassador for Life when He came to the States a couple years ago, and I turned over to him the Pulpit of Amazing Grace Church. Yet he thought it not robbery to preach each Sunday for almost three months, commuting -yes, driving himself- over an hour each way and was never late! And those of you who knew him at the spiritual level, know that he declared the ‘unadulterated’ Word of God each and every Sunday, whether the congregation was large or small! That’s why, when Apostle Williams and I met him for the first time, in November 2007, it only took ONE HOUR for him to decide to become a Member of Faith Fellowship Ministries International, and just 8 days later, we Consecrated him Bishop, and appointed him Overseer of the FFMI Liberian Region, where he served faithfully until his death. When Faith Fellowship Ministries Internationally came under the Apostolic Anointing, Apostle During, along with Apostle Williams, Overseer for Africa, was elevated and Consecrated Apostle on October 19, 2008, along with his dear wife, who was Consecrated Prophetess, right here in Soul Saving Clinic of Jesus Christ!

He was a man whose philosophy of life is not different from the one aptly put by a sage of another age:
“Do all the good you can
To all the people you can
In all the places you can
By all the means you can
As long as ever you can
For the sake of Jesus Christ.”

Apostle John During, Ambassador for Life! His lying in state just reminds me of the writing of John Donne, the English poet and philosopher, where he said:
“No man is an island, entire of itself;
Every man is a piece of the Continent,
A part of the main; any man’s death diminishes me,
Because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

Apostle John During’s death declares in no uncertain terms that death is a reality of which eternal life in Jesus Christ is a greater reality. Whoever dies in Jesus Christ dies to live again. For a child of God, death is never final, and as the word of God makes abundantly clear, death for the Christian is only a sleep, and as we know, we all sleep to wake up.

Apostle John During! Ambassador for Life! We know where he is right now – in the bosom of the Lord Jesus. We are confident that his good works on earth followed him to his heavenly home. The Lord who knows what we don’t know, thought it wise to call him home at this time.

For us who are left behind, let us be aware that every human being will face the reality of death some time, some day. Who knows when? It, therefore, becomes absolutely imperative that we surrender our lives individually to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. For in Him alone our “past is settled, our present makes sense, and our future is secure.”

For the family members, especially his beloved wife, Prophetess Oretha, the children, and Soul Cleansing Clinic of Jesus Christ, we encourage you to take heart, as Jesus directed His disciples, “Let not your hearts be troubled, you believe in God, believe also in Me.” May the Spirit of the risen Lord put in your hearts the right words of comfort! For He is the trusted Comforter. Our hope in Christ is stronger than death. Beyond the grave there is hope. Prophetess, your husband is alive in the presence of God. So, Be encouraged and strengthened within you. The grace of God is upon you. The mandate of Heaven is resting upon you. The watchful eyes of Jehovah are upon you. He will neither leave you nor forsake you. He will keep you and sustain you. We decree and declare that It is well with your soul.

The Faith Fellowship Ministries International Family stands in solidarity with you at this painful hour, and we hold you continuously in our thoughts and prayers. Yet, We can still affirm that Jesus is Lord!

John Wesley wrote these words at the death of his beloved colleague, George Whitefield, and I lift them up at the death of my dear friend and brother in Christ, Apostle John Adolphus During, Ambassador for Life…
“Servant of God, well done! Thy glorious warfare’s past;
The battle’s fought, the race is won, And thou art crowned at last.

So, on December 28, 2015, “There was a man -CALLED- by God whose name was JOHN ADOLPHUS DURING…who bore witness of the Light,” to which His Master declared, “Well done, John! Come home!”

Done by order of Apostle Joseph Ellis Taylor, Presiding Prelate, Faith Fellowship Ministries International, headquarters, Washington, DC, USA.; Apostle Wilbert Williams, Overseer, African Region; Apostle Ethel Taylor, Overseer, Women’s Ministry International; and the Counsel of Apostles of FFMI.

The Lord be with you and with your spirit. Amen.
…Until we meet again, Dear Apostle, Ambassador for Life, Shalom!

Apostle Ethel Taylor is wife of Apostle Joseph Ellis Taylor, the Presiding Prelate, of Apostle John Adolphus During, under whose hand, Apostle During was Consecrated, first, Bishop and a year later, he was Consecrated Apostle, along with his beloved wife, who was consecrated Prophetess Oretha During. Apostle Ethel Taylor is accompanied by Apostle Wilbert Williams, Overseer for Africa, and Prophetess Valerie Patterson, Adjutant, for the celebration.


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