A tribute to K. Abdullai Kamara (KAK)


By A. Trokon Tarr

I have known Abdullai for 20 plus years, from the University of Liberia days to the Press Union of Liberia. Some of my colleagues have known him more than that.

As it is natural in any organization, our respective relationships with Abdullai have varied a good deal. To some, he has been the boss, to be addressed as “Chief.” Others have known him just as “Abdullai.” To others again, he has been simply “Kamara,” and to a few intimate colleagues he has been “KAK.” But his attitude to us has never reflected these differences.

A lot of my media colleagues will agree with me that Abdullai was one of the most tolerant Muslims in Liberia. He was humble, peaceful, compassionate, kind, hardworking and merciful. Those qualities came from above.

I felt comfortable, equal, and had a very good relationship with him. He was always ready to go the extra mile when called upon. Abdullai was a hard working person (call it a workaholic) and he loved to get things done orderly, timely and professionally. He was a true Muslim, a leader, an editor, unifier, a real development communications specialist, a champion for journalists and media freedom and a great pen pusher.

Abdullai would go the extra mile to assist you or call someone to do the same if he couldn’t, just to make sure that you were comfortable. I never heard him raise his voice. He believed in fairness. When there was a conflict he had to deal with, he dealt with it in a humble way. Strife was not part of his life.

I do not want to say much about his value to the media in Liberia, because that is a matter of which we shall be reminded, often painfully, for a long time to come.

No one is indispensable, but there are some people it is very difficult to do without, as I fear we are shortly going to discover.

We are going to miss our former PUL President – but moreover we are going to miss K. Abdullai Kamara (KAK), the man.

Those days at the University of Liberia and Press Union are gone, but not forgotten. It’s really hard to accept a sudden death like his, and we will never get accustomed to it.

Gone before us too soon, K. Abdullai Kamara (KAK). Certainly, the precious memories of you would remain in our hearts. In everything, we all can say, May Allah’s blessing and peace be upon you. Rest in peace, KAK.



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