A Smart Passenger Jumps from A Sinking Ship. More Passengers to Follow!


It is said that a wise man/woman changes. I am very sure that those passengers on the governmental ship of the Ellen-dynasty are watching, calculating and observing very carefully whether to remain on board the sinking ship and die or to quickly jump and swim for their lives towards a floating lifeboat!

Some of those ministers, who cannot swim will die in this sinking ship but I am sure there are others still on board the sinking ship that can swim. They will soon follow the first passenger who has jumped overboard to the lifeboat!

Former Minister of Justice, Cllr. Christiana P. Tah’s resignation has sparked serious debate in the inner circle of the UP-led government because the issues raised by her are not just grave, they are the same issues we earlier raised in 2013, while demanding the immediate resignation of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

As one of the lead campaigners in the call for the resignation of Ma-Ellen, I would like to salute former Minister Tah for talking this bold step to resign, even though some of her actions in the past were also unconstitutional and against human dignity. It is said that an open rebuke is better than secret praises and it was important for the former Justice Minister to have done what she did to clear the public air, amidst the delay in the acceptance of her resignation by the Liberian leader.

One of her reasons mentioned for her resignation, Clr. Tah said that she cannot be the Minister of Justice and be prevented from supervising the works of all security agencies in Liberia like the Liberia National Police, National Bureau of Investigation, National Security Agency, etc. We do not run a gangster’s paradise here, fellow Liberians, but a civilized government that must always subscribe to the rule of law!

The fact that she was prevented from performing such governmental responsibilities as enshrined by law, clearly buttressed our previous points that Madam President is not serious about fighting corruption and upholding the rule of law in Liberia.

But with all these brilliant points raised by the former Justice Minister, one of the Ellen regime talk show hosts, Mamadee Diakite of Truth FM, referred to the former Justice Minister, this morning (October 7, 2014) on his program (Truth Breakfast Show) as a betrayal!

Mr. Diakite also went on to say that former Minister Tah stabbed President Sirleaf in the back, which in my mind clearly suggests that Diakite lacks understanding of the legal implications and professional integrity of a public official in any governmental setting.

He failed to also acknowledge that Minister Tah had earlier communicated with Madam President since March 2014 expressing her intention to resign, which President Sirleaf rejected. He apparently did not understand that!

He must be mindful of his words and actions, because Ma-Ellen will go very soon and Liberia will remain. Let him ask those who worked before in the regimes of Doe and Taylor for answers and stop being unappreciative whenever individuals and officials of government differ with President Sirleaf!

Having seen and probably read all of what Minister Tah gave in her resignation statement to the media, I am pretty sure others are going to swim to the lifeboat in order to save their lives, too.

However, let everyone of them be aware that not because they will swim now or later before this regime finally falls, that they will escape justice for whatever crimes they have committed against the Liberian people. In lieu of a crippled justice system, the people will firstly judge and find them guilty in the court of public opinion before arraigning them in front of judges of competent courts.

It’s time to save your faces, too, now and win the public sympathy than be too late and be condemned.

Vandalark R. Patricks is the Founder and National Director of SURE-Liberia (Campaigners for Change). He can be reached at +231886976142 or via email: [email protected].


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