A Rejoinder to Mr. Neyor’s Dispatch to the President


I have been out of town and have not been following events in the city. Life in the interior can be so mean- being unable to follow-up on the news in the town.  But before speaking about the darker side of life outside the gleam of the town, I must specify from the start that truly, there are countless things to take from an exploit in the interior of the country. To be honest, Robertsport presents a kind of serene atmosphere in which one can introspect undeterred by unnecessary tools such as politricks which makes politics a dirty game.

On my return this week, I was in the dark about current developments in our country. Rather than calling my friends to know about contemporary issues, I opted to cruise through an online newspaper to follow up on events. To be honest, after being out of town for a few days, I lost on many interesting and, at times, outright bizarre things. The purpose of this episode is to reflect on the diatribe that comes oozing out of exasperated Mr. Christopher Z. Neyor.

Mr. Neyor opens his letter by penning “I have been reliably informed of your venomous statement on more than one occasion that you will destroy me so that your son Robert A. Sirleaf can have an easy path to the Senate seat for Montserrado County and eventually to the Presidency of Liberia in the 2017 election to succeed you…” For me, this sheer hypocrisy that borders on self-inflated characterization of oneself! Everyone following electoral politics is fully aware that Neyor is no factor in the impending elections and cannot pull even one percent of the votes. I just can’t fathom why will the President with all of these democratic credentials destroy a Neyor (in electoral terms) when he is not one of the frontrunners in the midterm elections? I’ve listened to the radio polls, I’ve followed the conversations in the communities, I’ve asked friends, etc… The name Neyor does not pop up! Why will a sitting President venomously pursue a candidate that is destined to perform decimally and dismally in the October polls? How can a naked aspiration for a senatorial standing be used as pathway to the presidency in 2017? We need to get serious here for once as a country and move on. We’ve got some serious national issues to look at especially involving the governance structures and the economy.

Mr. Neyor continues “I take your statement as a serious threat to my person because in our part of the world when a President with all the power of the State wants to destroy a citizen, the order is usually followed to the letter”. I am aware that it is important that persons from various treads of society should learn to stomach a diversity of viewpoints and so, readers following this exchange expect me to be tolerant to Mr. Neyor’s perverse view. But, I am floored with laughter upon seeing this interjection. This is the guy that I am told that visits with the president frequently at her home and even share breakfasts occasionally. As a matter of fact, this is the same guy that was seen with his family at the president’s house on New Year’s Day and bidding her long life. How can this same president be the one pursuing you and trying to eliminate you? Mr. Neyor could do better for his credibility and stick to his oil consultancy because this is one sells not!

Playing the ethnic card, Mr. Neyor lingers “I cannot fathom why you would come after me with such vengeance, Madame President, one who has considered you a mother, admired you, have membership in the same church with you, utilized his own resources and connections to support you politically and was a shining star in your first term. Is it because I am the son of another Liberian mother from the rank of the marginalized?” What a lame attempt to give the incident some context by appealing to public sentiments in the playing the ethnic card! Mr. Neyor is being playful and reminds me of a showman who often acts like an adolescent girl who has just been complimented for having a nice behind hence her determination to strut it out. When did you come to the realization that you belong to this marginalized section of society? Like a friend of mine is quoted as saying -you sat in a very luxurious office almost the size of a master bedroom with glass windows as big as a door with a very lucrative salary overlooking the shanty town of West Point and the impoverished mass of our people as they live in squalor and remained silent. But today, you intend to run for public office, so you have suddenly become a “John the Revelator” – and close-fitting your ‘grass root’ credentials… Isn’t that interesting Mr. Neyor?

You driveled about honesty in one of your many comments by spewing this “I brought to your attention that $2 million had been offered to me in bribe with a request that I do not take certain executive action against an oil company. I quoted to you… and what I got out of that was your ridicule of me before the Petroleum Technical Committee in the Cabinet Room at your office that I was parading myself as the most perfect man in the government boasting that I could not take bribe…” Mr. Neyor, I derive consolation in the fact you are trying to play the good guy here and you are stainless. Well, honesty is a double-edged sword- it begins from the family and ends in the public.

I will be watching with patience for your repentant letter. I will also be watching out for the proof you have against the president and the others you have named and made attributions to.


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