A Panegyric To the Memory of H.E. Charles Gyude Bryant, Chairman, National Transitional Government, Republic of Liberia


(As Delivered)

We gather here today to celebrate the home going of H.E. Charles Gyude Bryant, Chairman of the National Transitional Government of the Republic of Liberia, and to note that his passage through this terrestrial plane will mark him a “Name” to ever be present with us.  The sudden death of the Chairman has cast a long shadow over this country, which he jealously loved, and for which he gave so much of himself.

In keeping with the request of the family and in fulfillment of a national responsibility, I will present to you a Panegyric on the life of the late Charles Gyude Bryant.

The people of Liberia share a deep sense of grief occasioned by the death of a pre-eminent Statesman who served and led his country from the shackles of destruction and bore the torch of the democratic order; who served his country magnificently as a business icon with great understanding and zeal to propagate and restore the image of his beloved nation.  The sorrow of the Liberian people at the passing of so great a man, who signified to the world a new era of hope and peace, is being given expression by this celebration of his home going.

In the death of Chairman Bryant, Liberia has lost a staunch leader; the cause of peace and development to which he had dedicated his political life has been deprived one of its boldest and courageous proponents and advocates; his country has lost of one of its most lofty, valiant and gallant sons and leaders; and the Bryant family has been deprived of a devoted and ardent pillar of strength.

The cold, unpardoning hands of death have consumed us with grief, but that can never constrain our flowing gratitude nor confine our public pledge.  We give thanks that God’s promises dispel all sorrow and pain.

Peaceful, but mentally dynamic, astute and engaging, kind and resourceful, Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant was a gentleman, in every sense of the word, with a penetrating mind, even in the most difficult of times.  He was a winsome   personality    of    deep,    unpretending    humility,    foresight    and

concentration, which portrayed nobility of character and strength of conviction.  His instincts served him and his country very well, and in trying or vexing situations, he was tolerant in a generous way, allowing the gush of fresh wind to blow through the halls of misunderstandings, shortcomings and obstacles.

He demonstrated vast knowledge of national affairs, underpinned by patience, understanding and a sympathetic attitude to the problems, and a willingness to be of assistance when convinced of the necessity that justified it. These are the attributes which the late Chairman Bryant possessed, and which inspired the nation.

The passing of this unique political figure, commonly regarded as a consensus builder and opinion forger, calls for all political affiliations to institute new programs that would enable all Liberians to emulate his legacy.

As a mark of last respect and tribute to the memory of the late Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant, who confidently steered the Liberian people towards liberty’s rebirth and hoisted aloft the banners of democracy, I, as President of the Republic of Liberia, call upon all, on this day of his interment, this Unification Day, to give due reverence and reflection to the memory of Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant.  Let it be celebrated throughout the length and breadth of Liberia, by its people at home and abroad, as a day of rejoicing and happy recompense, as well as a day of fondest familiarity and familyhood. For Chairman Bryant, superbly navigated the tumultuous sea of self-destruction brings us into the harbor of national reconciliation.

To the perpetual protection and guidance of the God of our Fathers, and of all the Saints, we commit the spirit of Charles Gyude Bryant to Eternity by our prayers.  May God continue to bless and save his children and family to whom the Liberian Nation is morally indebted, and with whom Liberia deeply condoles.

Words are futile, at a time like this, to assuage the anguish of our Nation and the pain of his family. We can only bow our heads to the will of God, the Father of us all, and ask ourselves:

Is there beyond the silent night an endless day?

Is death a door that leads to light?

We cannot say.

We can only hope that on that final day,

As an answer to all our queries

The Father Himself will intone

“Let there be light.”

May God bless Liberia and save the State!


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