Americo-Liberian Rule and Native Rule; The Same


By Togba-Nah Tipoteh

This Commentary is about helping us to know the Truth for Making Lives Better. When we have the correct understanding about ourselves, then we will not be fighting each other. In the court trial before his imprisonment for 27 years, the Great Madiba Nelson Rohlihlahla Mandela made a Path Breaking Speech in which he said: “I have dedicated my life to the struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons will live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal for which I hope to live for and to see realized. But, my Lord, if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.” Inspired by this Speech, I am writing this Commentary.

Let us begin from the Slavery Era, when greedy rulers in Africa sold African people to greedy people from the area now called the United States of America (USA) to work as slaves on cotton plantations, starting some five hundred years ago. Millions of slaves died because of the bad treatment that the slave owners gave them. Some greedy slave owners even impregnated fine-looking slave women because the children of these women were sold for higher prices. 

Mother Harriet Tubman, an African woman among the slaves, led the Movement to free slaves through the underground railroad. This Movement received some inspiration from the struggle against slavery in Haiti. When the cotton gin was invented, mechanization cotton production, thereby reducing the need for slaves, some slave owners formed the American Colonization Society (ACS) to free some slaves and have them returned to Africa. The ACS former slaves began returning to the area now called Liberia in the early 1800s. This area was a Colony of the ACS until July 26, 1847 when some of the former slaves, led by Joseph Jenkins Roberts. Son of a slave owner, declared Liberia to be an “Independent State”. Roberts became the first President of Liberia. This is how Liberia will become 174 years old on July 26, 2021.

In this Commentary, the focus is on the Americo-Liberians, the former slaves who returned to the area now called Liberia, bearing in mind that other former slaves, a small group, who were rescued from the ocean near the Congo area, also came to the area now called Liberia. Many people use the word Congor to refer to both groups of former slaves.

When the former slaves returned to Africa, they treated the Natives, the Indigenous Africans, as slaves, carrying out the treatment that the former slaves had received from their slave masters in the USA. Mr. Jehudi Ashmun, the only Historian of the Battle of Fort Hill of 1822, wrote about how the former slaves took action to show that the Natives were inferior to the former slaves by inventing a Matilda Newport former slave woman who is reputed to have killed over 200 Natives by herself from the hot coal in her pipe that she used to light the nearby canon. Up to today, the State eulogizes Matilda Newport with a monument on on the Centennial Pavilion Grounds, a Matilda Newport Street and a Matilda Newport School on Matilda Newport Street, Monrovia. The December First Matilda Newport Day is still in Liberian Law but it is not celebrated because of the mass consciousness raising that put pressure on the government to stop honoring Matilda Newport. The government responded by giving the Matilda Day the silent treatment.  There is no record of any Matilda Newport  coming to Liberia from the USA. The only record of a Matilda Newport is of a Matilda Spencer who married to a man called Newport in the 1830s. 

The 1847 Declaration of Independence refers to the heritage of the former slaves, as having been citizens of the USA, where they experienced the violation of their inalienable human rights. However, the inalienable human rights of Natives were also violated under the rule of the former slaves in Liberia. Natives were not allowed to become citizens of Liberia until after the Second World War. Let us recall the World Record in the Guinness Book of Records for unfair elections, with respect to the undemocratic and unfair election of 1927. Witness the Case against the government of Liberia, as carried to the League of Nations by leaders of Native Liberians, citing that the President of Liberia in the late 1920s was leading the sale of Natives to Fernando Po slave owners to work as slaves, while the payments from their work were given to the leadership of the Americo-Liberian-led government of Liberia. The decision of the League of Nations forced the President of Liberia to resign. The Americo-Liberian regimes of President Edwin Barclay, President William Tubman and President William Tolbert followed, respectively. Tubman died in office after a reign of 27 years. The Tolbert regime was overthrown by a military junta, led by Master Sergeant Samuel Doe, a Native man, as a USA Agent was observed in the yard of the Executive Mansion at 3AM when the Coup d’Etat was taking place. Tolbert was not given any due process of law, as the Tolbert regime was removed unconstitutionally.

The historical records of Liberia show that the poverty of the people of Liberia became longstanding and widespread under the Americo-Liberian and Native regimes. There continues to be widespread talk about the Native person being able to rule Liberia better than the Americo-Liberian person. Many people are saying that the Americo-Liberian regimes brought all the suffering and it is time for a Native person to rule Liberia so that the suffering can end. The historical records of Liberia show that the poverty situation became worse under Americo-Liberian rule as well as under Native rule. When the Americo-Liberian person became ruler of Liberia, the poverty situation got worse. When a Native person became ruler of Liberia, the poverty situation became worse. Therefore, the Americo-Liberian rule and the Native rule are the same just like white domination and black domination are the same. To say that they are not the same people would be wrong because it would be impossible to explain correctly the slave selling by African rulers, the slave selling by the Americo-Liberian President of Liberia in the 1920s, the killings by Samuel Doe, a Native man and the killings by Charles Taylor, an Americo-Liberian man. When the National Legislature of Liberia was composed of nearly 100 percent Americo-Liberian persons, the poverty situation in Liberia became worse. Now, the National Legislature of Liberia has over 90 percent Native men and women but the longstanding and widespread poverty in Liberia is worsening with each Legislator having access to US$1,000 a day while each poor Liberian has access to less than US$2 a day, as foreigners in the Commercial Sector alone are getting away with having access to US$50 million a month doing work and owning businesses in violation of the Constitution of Liberia. 

The history of Liberia also records that Americo-Liberian people and Native people are the same because there are good and bad people on each side just like there are good and bad people on each side of the white-black divide. The challenge for the people who love Liberia remains that of bringing the good people from every side in Liberia to work together and build a better Liberia for All.

From the foregoing, it is clear to know that the illiterate but educated Women of West Point, through their Organization, Seven Sisters, are correct when they say that the Main Problem in Liberia is not the Americo-Liberian–Native Problem but the Good-Bad Problem, making it necessary to find the Management to solve this Main Problem.  The way to solve this Main Problem is to use our knowledge to raise awareness to encourage at least the vast majority of the people of Liberia to take non-violent actions to get persons with good records, records that show commitment to helping the poor people to help themselves in the drive to improve their living conditions sustainably, elected, appointed, to manage and to own at least most of the Liberian economy. This Commentary is helping to spread this useful knowledge, getting people to know that Americo-Liberian rule and Native rule are the same, given the worsening of poverty on each side. Americo-Liberian people and Native people are the same, with good and bad people on each side, This knowledge can help to unify people, bring people together to work together to make lives better rather than to fight each other to make lives worse because of the wrong understanding of each other. Confidence in the use of this way of solving the Main Problem can take place when good persons are elected to get Justice for All to prevail as we sing joyously All Hail Liberia All Hail. Ka zuo ka toto diah (the Mahn language, wrongly called Mano, meaning thanks to all of you for listening). Nnangala kpor ga (the Kpelle language meaning God Bless All of you).


  1. My respect, Dr. Tipoteh!
    The youngest native doctorate degree holder has spoken oooooh my people, listen to him eeeh!

    Doc, “Ka zuo ka toto diah” is NOT Mano, but Gio. Though we share a lot of cultural values and heritage, the Mahn are different from the Dahn people.

    It is unfortunate that at the age of 173 years old, we still do not have a television station reaching the length and breadth of our country.
    This lecture should have been done on a public television on a beautiful evening where our people in the hamlets, villages, towns and cities will be sitting together as families to listen to a great intellectual of Liberia say things pragmatically.
    Listen to Dr. Togba Nah Tipoteh, my people. He has spoken his heart, soul and mind. May he be understood!

    The Doctor said and I quote:
    “The history of Liberia also records that Americo-Liberian people and Native people are the same because there are good and bad people on each side just like there are good and bad people on each side of the white-black divide. The challenge for the people who love Liberia remains that of bringing the good people from every side in Liberia to work together and build a better Liberia for All.”

    Listen to an experienced politician and economist. He has lived through it and led a movement to change situation, but he has come to understand that the adversity is between good and evil, vice and virtue but not between the Congor or Congau or Americo-Liberians and the Natives. Our challenge is between GOD and DEVIL!

    Stop saying “we don’t want the Congor people to rule us again!!”
    Stop saying “we don’t want the Grebo people to rule us again!”
    Stop saying “we don’t want the Krahn people to rule us again!”, etc. etc. etc.

    Look for the good people who can do something for our country. If all the good people in Liberia can be Kpelle, continue to vote the Kpelle people to lead us to prosperity until the rest of the country can become good people; stop the nepotism, tribalism and egotism!

    Doc., my respect for the most important message you have ever addressed, according me, to the Liberian people!
    I hope theatrical group/s can convey this message through satires and comedies.

    Long live Liberia!

  2. Mon Petit Frere,
    I think Dr. Tipoteh is correct. There are good and bad people. There are good and bed leaders. There’re good and bad Americo-Liberians…(I don’t know too many of them). There are good and bad siblings. There are good and bad White, Black, Oriental and Hispanic women and men. There are certainly good and bad Nimbaians, of course it cannot go unnoticed or unsaid…. “some Nimbaians are defenders of the weak”. It’s for you to determine whether such people are good or bad! On the whole, there’s a slight agreement, Mon Frere. But it seems that you are saying something else. Don’t be so quick to connect the dots.

    Some people are turned off because they say that Weah is an uneducated native. Some people are uncomfortable with Weah just because of that. Therefore, Weah is constantly lambasted with the worst of invectives. Just because of that! It’s a shame. Weah has his good and bad in him.

    Here comes Alexander Benedict Cummings, a Southeastern Liberian who claims to be a derivative of a tribe in Maryland. Some people are skeptical about this guy. Not I, but most people who know a whole lot about his roots place him in the Americo-Liberian column. Like Weah the native born president, Alexander Benedict Cummings has his own bad and good in him.

    Who has inflicted more damage on Liberia….the Americo-Liberian leaders or those who are classified as natives…. Doe, Moses Blah of Nimba or Weah? It’s a matter of conjecture. Pick and defend (not like the Defender).

    The fact that Tipoteh said there’s good and bad in everyone does not mean we should jump in the camps of Boakai, Urey, or Alexander Benedict Cummings without doing an in-depth investigation. We can minimize the risk of electing or re-electing the next president if we take certain things into account. Example, which of our past leaders have inflicted more pain on the people of Liberia? The Americo-Liberians or the Natives?

    My Answer: The longest pain was inflicted on the people of Liberia by those who (although they were born in Liberia) label themselves as Americo-Liberians or the Congau people.

    Brief history…
    Germany made Adolph Hitler their leader. But Hitler was born in Austria, not in Germany. Like Germany, a minority of people in Liberia elected non-Liberians to the presidency.

    We have to be careful.

  3. Let’s get to the root of the matter. Liberia’s colonizers/settlers were not educated to a level, to tackle the [REAL] Development of a nation. The only thing they had known, were oppressions and the culture of slavery. Accordingly, that slave culture; transposed on Liberia, have always doomed Liberia. Liberia is a nation of servants and masters. A person in Liberia, status/prestige is not completed; unless he/she have personal servant(s). If Liberia’s colonizers/settlers had been all-good black people, they would have produced good indigenous black people; in the best interest of Liberia. *Honestly, Liberia’s real Development began, when the U.S/USAID committed; as late as the 1960s, after Liberia had been independent for 113 years. Regrettably, Liberia’s leadership decided to go off course with The United States Of America. That was Liberia’s catasthrophic mistake. Yes! Indeed. The professor is right. Americos or Indigenous it’s the same. There are bad people and there are good people. Let’s search for the bests among ourselves; to lead Liberia.

  4. Grand Frere, Grand Frere, Grand Frere!
    First, good morning. I hope you have fully recovered from your accident.

    “There are good and bad Nimbaians, some Nimbaians are defenders of the weak”, pourquoi moi?
    If I am the defender of the weak, then Martin Luther King Jr. was the defender of the weak causes. Maybe the list could be extended to Mahatma Gandi, Nelson Mendela, JJ. Rawlings and people history has retained as heroes.

    I am a native (country or bush boy), why should I be turned off if another native is the president of my country Liberia?
    It is not because I am a native and so I should support any native who would like or who is president of my country Liberia.
    I will support a native, like a nonnative, with the required qualification and patriotism to lead Liberia to prosperity.
    I am not a native who blindly supports another native maybe just because he is from Nimba or a Mano or a Grebo (my adopted parents’).
    I like objectivity, I also promote and uphold excellence and probity, cardinal values for any civilized and progressive society.

    To be elected as a leader or ruler of a given people entails immense responsibilities. You can engage them in war or lead them to peace, improve or worsen their lives, isolate or make them to be part of the community and comity of nations, and most of all, lead them to doom and destruction or to the Providence of God’s promise.
    And so, it should not surprise you when Weah, a Liberian ruler, is lambasted because he holds the destiny of an entire people in his hands. If you do NOT want your Weah lambasted, let him do the right things.

    Why do you continue to question the Cummings’ affiliation to his mother and father’s county, Maryland? Do you have information to share with us about his background? If so, please do.
    You (Hney) are skeptical about Cummings, not some people, stop generalizing!
    I know a lot of native Liberians who are placed in the category of Americo-Liberians, maybe just because of the name or level of education or color of the skin (fair complexion). It doesn’t necessary mean it is true.
    My father lived and died as a Johnson (a name given to him by the family he partly lived and grew up with in Firestone), but he decided to name all his children Dolo, the family’s real name. Did it make him to be an Americo-Liberian?
    My adopted parents are known to be Jacobs, but they belong to the Wiah’s family, does it give them doubtful affiliation with the Grebo tribe or River Gee County?
    Who on earth does not have good and bad sides? We all have our shortcomings, why should that of Cummings become so peculiar?

    As per your question of who inflicted more damage to Liberia, my unequivocal response is the Congau people. They were indeed shortsighted, and some were very cruel indeed.
    But as a nation founded on Christian principles, aren’t we going to forgive? If you tell me no, then what kinds of Christians are we? The Lord urged us to forgive seventy-seven times seven (77 x 7), which means as much as possible.
    They (Congau people) failed black Africa in general. Had they not been a failure, no white man should have colonized Africa. They (Congau people) should have explored and civilized the rest of Africa, but history and God will remember them.
    Let’s turn the page and look in a new direction!

    Dr. Tipoteh is admonishing us to rethink a new Liberia, a country in which both the Congau and Natives have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.
    The new Liberia the eminent professor envisages must be architecturally modeled by the best of our intellectual elites and patriotic Liberians. These are the good people the professor craves to be pulled from every spectrum of our society to build a new Liberia.
    If we continue to live in the blame game and be blinded by it by making decisions that can undermine the sustainable development of our patronym, Liberia will be doomed.

    Let me express my frustration about my adorable Grand Frere Hney. He lives in the most diverse society on planet earth, but always delve on common issues like the sincerity of the affiliation of Cummings to the Grebo tribe.
    Paradoxically, Hney will defend a Nwabudike to become the chairman of our NEC, what do you have against Cummings, Grand Frere?
    Had Nwabudike fairly earned the Liberian nationality, my qualm with him would have been his probity, and not the name or origin.

    Weah, by world standard of leadership, is the wrong leader any country on planet earth can ever have.
    As a native, we are not against a native man becoming president of Liberia. We yearn to have the right person with the required resume to lead us to prosperity, be it Native or Congau or naturalized Liberian.
    By the way Grand Frere, do you know that Kwame N’Krumah of Ghana hailed from Grand Kru, Liberia?

    We must indeed be careful to elect the best people to lead us, for education is the key to any FAIR success!

  5. Defender,
    Thanks for asking. I am getting better by the day. More importantly, God is good. The same goes back to you and your family. I wish God’s blessings on all of you.

    In defense of Senator Dillon, you said just a few weeks ago that Dillon is so nice that he cannot kill a chicken.
    In response, I quipped by saying if Dillon is unable to kill a chicken, he must be certainly weak. I hope you as well as I were in a joking mode. On the flip side, if you were 100% sincere about the fact that Dillon is unable to kill a chicken, you Mon Frere, have good, good reasons to defend the ideals and physical weaknesses of the opposition. Keep up with your defense duties. Don’t be weak.

    Mon Frere, I am not childishly ebullient to discuss the topic of Cummings’ place of origin or his nativity. I respect every Liberian who has talents and who if given the opportunity, can show machismo, good leadership skills, but not weakness like some members of the opposition.

    If we historicize the issue of which groups of people misused Liberia from 1847 up until now, it’s obviously the settlers who are commonly referred to as the Americo-Liberians. However, although every homo sapien is endowed with some good and bad, not all Americo-Liberians misused the people of Liberia. Mon Frere, I’ve got lots of relatives who are Americo-Liberians. Please note well… I am not anti Alexander Benedict Cummings because of his background. I am opposed to his politics from January to December. He may have the best of intentions, but for sure, he’s not my cup of tea. Don’t feel bad. Despite their political differences, the Democrats and Republicans are friends. So, my opposition to your demigod should not separate us. Okay?

    You always sell your demigod (Alexander Benedict Cummings) as a guy who possesses a good work ethic. When the pendulum switches to Weah, you castigate him as a clueless individual. Look buddy, I understand. In politics, supporters and admirers alike go after one another… sometimes in derogatory ways. I have to be frank with you…Mon Frere, you seem to have grown up with thin skin. Every time I take a swipe at Alexander Benedict Cummings, you become incensed. Yet, you’re one of Weah’s harshest critics. Remember, sparks fly in politics. What goes around comes around. Try to wear some elephant skin. Weah is not 100% correct! But he tries. Unfortunately, he never gets credit from you very often. On a rare occasion, you credited him for having accepted Nwabudike’s resignation. Goodness. Your credit was like June passing July.

    Also recently, you made the charge that Weah borrowed thirty million dollars and used the borrowed money to feed his partisans. Such a charge is pernicious. You quoted a local newspaper to support your conspiracy theory. Where’s the evidence that Weah bifurcated the money amongst his partisans? Mon Frere, do you have the real evidence? Is it a fake evidence? Is it a Trump-like evidence?

    The Nwabudike delemma…
    Initially, I supported Nwabudike because I thought he was a certified naturalized Liberian. However, when his name surfaced as being a serious crook, I withdrew my support. Should we forgive Nwabudike? There you are quoting the Bible….”for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of the Almighty God”. Well, what do you think?

    Kwame Nkrumah….
    Yep! I’ve heard before leaving Liberia that the gentleman’s family (Kru) went to Ghana as our forefathers did in those days. I am not sure whether the Nimbaians traveled to Sierra Leone or to Ghana during the days of European occupation of Africa. A lot of Marylanders did travel during the 1800s and early 1900s.

    The truth of Nkrumah’s background can be immediately seen when his last name is dissected.

    Let’s try it…
    Just remove the letter N from his last name……. Kru….Mah
    Either way you slice it…
    Ghanaian accent…he’s a Kru.maan

    Kru is typically Liberian. Although there are Kru people in Sierra Leone. But, Mah is a typical Kru name. A Liberian guy who happens to be a Mah teaches mathematics at a prestigious college in Georgia.

    Note…I’ve got some Kru in me.

    Did former president William Tubman donate money to the Ivory Coast during its independence? Is there a community named after William Tubman in the second Plateau area of the Ivory coast?

  6. Williamsville, a community within the City Council of Adjame, was named after William V. S. Tubman.
    In Korhogo (Norhtren Ivory Coast), we have streets and avenues named after Tolbert. Some Liberian leaders left indelible marks in some African countries, that’s why they did not turn their backs on us during our fratricide, and they have vowed to never again leave us to slum in chaos.
    So, Grand Frere, advise your Weah to have a straighter head. If he usually smokes 3 ganja rolls per day, let him reduce it to half to have a clearer head.

    From friends and other students with whom I have interacted from the University of Cocody and the Malian embassy in the Ivory Coast, it is believed that the Mahn (Mano) originated from Mali. Our names, culture and lifestyle are like that of the Dongon tribe from Mali. And so, there are more DOLO from Mali then Liberia. In fact, whenever I call my name in this country, I am first taken for an ATTIE (a tribe in the South – near Abidjan) or a Malian. People are shocked when I tell them I am a Liberian.

    Your definition of weakness….
    From your perception or definition of weakness, really, I would love to see people voted at the executive and legislative branches of government in Liberia to be weak people like Cummings and Dillion.
    Grand Frere, just ask some of your compatriots within the CDC party, they describe Dillion as weak; someone who walks like he has no bones. These are just the people, weak like Dillion, I would like to see hold the pens that executes and legislates for Liberia.
    We have had so many destructive strong people in Liberia. I will love to see the strong women and men join the armed forces of Liberia, the national police, immigration, customs and other paramilitary groups. Let them be commanded by the weak and linky linky, like OBAMA.

    Grand Frere, I think you have advanced a key point of discussion. What politics of Alexander B. Cummings do you oppose from January to December and why?
    Please come clear on this question! I expect your reply.

    Are the Democrats and Republicans friends? Yeeeeeaaaah! With Schumer and Pelosi having restless nights to impeach a former president?
    They are so scared for the guy to not expose them, and so they are doing everything in their demonic power to deny the most prolific president the world has ever known from his civil liberties.
    Do you think they like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, etc.? Can’t you see how Pelosi is frenzied when she hears the name “Trump”?

    By the way, you are a Christian, have you ever heard Amen and Awomen? Your lovely Democrat Schumer ended a prayer with those 2 words in the chambers, so, watch out as a Christian.

    May 2023 usher in weak people, like Cummings and Dillion, at the helm of our leadership, Amen!
    “Me no say Awomen yaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

  7. Mr. Defender,
    You’ve asked, “what politics of Alexander Benedict Cummings do you oppose and why”?

    The “why” part of your question is the easiest. So here’s your answer.

    I have a right to oppose any politician.

    The Main Event:
    I do not hate Alexander Benedict Cummings as a human being. It will certainly go against my conscience to hate the guy. I hope I do not come across as being a hateful person. I hear so many unclean things about Cummings, but I am not opposed to him because of what I hear.

    Secondly, Alexander Benedict Cummings does not have a political background, but rather a private sector background. I strongly believe that a person’s private sector background is inadequate to make him or her a president of a country.
    Looking at my theory politically, there’s no one who came to power and did exceptionally well without having a political background. Also, Alexander Benedict Cummings did not set Coco-Cola up. The bottling Coco-Cola company was “set up” years before Cummings came to Coco-Cola. Cummings will be unable to chart a navigable path for Liberia. He will say he will, but that’s not true. Lastly, Cummings may have done a superb job at Coco-Cola, but frankly, he has no record of setting anything up.

    Mon frere, Cummings’ critics always accuse him of setting up a gay foundation. I don’t want to believe that because I have no evidence. On the flip side, if it ever turns out to be true, a gay foundation is not something that I am going to be proud of. Never! God has given us our share of beautiful women. All a guy has to do is to be polite and talk to a woman. (Please excuse me. I am not changing the topic). If there’s a guy who gets turned down after asking for a date (maybe from twenty women) he certainly is weak. I don’t like weaknesses. Knowing you, I am sure you will help such a guy. Good luck!

    Being Careful….
    During the 1990s, a guy named Charles Ghangay Taylor was elected to the presidency. The Liberian people elected Taylor to the presidency without “being careful”. As a consequence of the decision they made about Taylor, our fellow compatriots suffered tremendously.

    Finally, I do believe that it would have been the smartest thing to do if Alexander Benedict Cummings had run for a political office. In my view, if he had done that, it would have given him the experience that I look for. But I do not want to be misconstrued. Not all presidents who’ve had a prior experience in politics go on to do well presidentially.

    You’re a Trumpian apologist. You will disagree with what I am about to say about Trump. But despite your protest or disagreement, I will say it.

    Trump came to the presidency without having a sound political background. Throughout his life, Trump was known to have worked in the private sector.

    In comparison to Cummings, Trump created jobs in the private sector before being elected to the presidency. Cummings sits or may have sat on Corporate boards, but there’s no record of him creating his own company from scratch. Trump’s presidency is a complete disaster. When Cummings comes to focus, it gives me the jitters about his presidential bid. Cummings may turn out to be worst than Trump.

    Thanks for listening.

  8. Greetings, Grand Frere!

    Issues with my “demigod”, Alexander B. Cummings……..
    If I should support any politician to lead Liberia at this time, that person will be called Senator Dillon.
    Besides this honorable Senator, the current political clientelism, according to me, can be delineated as vicious and unpatriotic with gluttonous representatives of the people who neither care for their origin nor hold the country in pride and esteem.
    Political clientelism in the USA usually benefits the country with both parties achieving something positive for the country. Unlike Liberia, nearly all the members of all political parties first and foremost think about their bellies, and then what can be stashed in US banks. So, I rather go for my Cummings who is a political “neophyte”, according to CDCians, rather than dubious and cunny political czars who will build their properties using the Liberian people’s money and kill innocent and educated civil servants with total impunity.

    I would love to see proofs of unclean acts in which Cummings is indulged. Grand Frere, most Liberians are very sick and weird set of human beings on planet earth. Because of the legerity and incompetence of our judiciary, people grotesquely commit slander and go scot free without punishment.
    This foolish and flimsy news article (which never changes regardless of the weirdoes posting the imbecility) is a blatant slander.

    History has proven that the most progressive leaders to ever preside over any country worldwide have first and foremost been businessmen, followed by military personnel or military personnel turned politicians. Most seasoned politicians have lamentably failed their people and brought about economic or financial woes or crises.
    You (Hney) did some history, according to you. Revisit the fact I have given and come back to contradict or confirm my statement, please.

    In business, there are different kinds of investors. Some risk their cash into an activity where they are omnipresent to ensure its unraveling as planned and profitable, whilst others pump in the cash, and sit back based on information (statistical probability) received on the profitability of such activity in the short, medium or long term. The latter type of investment can be done directly or through the stock market (yet to be developed in Liberia; poor Liberia, a country independent since 1847).
    Cummings has been and is presently actively involved in the these two types of investments. Unfortunately, we do not have a stock market in Liberia, or else some of you (Liberians) could have respected the man we call Alexander B. Cummings.
    Cummings has presided over companies with budgets 10 times the chicken feeds Liberians vote every year. By the way, Bloomberg, one of the business partners of Cummings, recently blew up more than the Liberian annual budget on a losing campaign where there was NEVER a hope of winning the ticket.
    Cummings has worked in environments tougher with much corruption than Liberia. NEVER worry about how he will curtail corruption, just vote us (ANC) come the dawn of 2023.

    If I were to sit here writing about the greatness and prestige Cummings can bring to Liberia, I may write a 15-paged document for you.
    People of Cummings’ crème are sought by some other African countries to help structure their finances and economies, but Liberians foolishly kick against them. Tidjane Thiam, an Ivorian Financial Analyst, was recently employed by the Rwandans to help reinvigorate the country’s financial market, but Liberians will insult Cummings and turn away Maiden Sayeh, it is sad indeed.

    Believe me and take my word for it, the gay foundation you and CDCians repeatedly evoke on this blog will be set up by Weah, not Cummings. Do you know why?
    Your lovely Biden just signed an executive order to punish any African country, through sanctions or by withholding aids or denying government officials visa, if such country does not vote laws to grant sexual freedom or decriminalize same sex marriages.
    And you know what, since Weah and his team are not innovative to create jobs but depending on aids from foreign governments, especially the USA, they will be the first people to sign unto such abomination.
    But you know what, I have news for Weah and followers. The very day Weah sign that nonsense in Liberia, it will be the end of his presidency!

    By the way, Grand Frere did not comment on Schumer’s ‘Awomen’, why Grand Frere? The Democrats! Poor Africa, when will this one come to an end? Easily fooled by the devils who hate us to the core!
    I love Donald Trump! I pray for him to make a come back in 2024 to moralize the world.

    It is unsanctified to compare Charles G. Taylor and Alexander B. Cummings. Both personalities have only two things in common:
    (1). They are both Liberians
    (2) They both studied business.
    Besides these two attributes, NEVER put both men on the same scales. So, allow me not to comment again.

    In the space of 12 years, if Cummings can achieve one-tenth of what Donald Trump achieved in 4 years in the USA, Liberia will lead West Africa.
    Your guy has been president for about a month now, nothing significant has been added to the stock market.
    Millions of people are out of job for halting Keystone XL Pipeline Project. Many more have lost jobs for ending the border wall. Great caravans are heading to the US borders. Criminal assassination is resurgent, etc.
    Let’s wait for 1 year to evaluate the damage to be done to the world.

    Before I leave my Grand Frere, know that no serious economic investments can get underway in a Liberia without stable and extensive electricity supply.
    I could have set up an office in my village, like any Ivorian or Ghanaian, if there were electricity supply to it, stable and broadband internet connection, running water and cable TVs.
    In the USA, nowhere is considered village, but out country. We want to do likewise for Liberia. Please, give us (ANC) the chance to help our country. It will help all Liberians, irrespective of tribe, religion and origin.

    Alexander B. Cummings is the morally cleanest, professionally experienced and academically qualified personality in the political arena of Liberia NOW!

  9. Alexander B. Cummings is the morally cleanest, professionally most experienced and academically most qualified personality in the political arena of Liberia NOW!

  10. That photograph of Alex Cummings; sitting in a hammock, riding on the heads of Liberia’s [INDIGENOUS PEOPLE] is simply disgusting. It reminds me of [GRANDPA’S PITIFUL NARRATIVES]. That photograph is Alex Cummings’ trademark. “The Leopard 🐆 can not hide its color.” If Cummings ever shows his head as a presidential candidate for Liberia, let that photograph be circulated through out Liberia; with an appropriate caption. Alex Cummings was matured enough to see many ugly/ugliest things happened in Liberia. Yet, never did say anything critical of that regime. As for me, my vote is a matter of pride.

  11. You need to explain yourslef again, Mr. Freeman.
    I don’t think I understand what you mean.
    Who was riding on the heads of Liberians?
    Which regime did you expect Cummings to be critical of?

    • Hey Pal; are you pulling my leg? I suppose you are above average intelligence. The answer to your first question is as simple as A B C. #2. TWP ruled Lib. for 133 years.

      • Mr. Freeman, when you work for a multinational with multiple interests in many countries around the world, and hold a decision-making position, there are comments you don’t easily make publicly.
        Cummings could not publicly condemn the rebellion in Liberia but was always identifying with his people and feeling their pains and griefs.

        Cummings is just a young man and had NEVER participated in any leaderships that had ruled Liberia for 133 years. In fact, the guy rose to prominence within Coco cola, how could he have been part of those people?

        Cummings is the cleanest man on the political arena of Liberia, Pal Freeman!

  12. Mr. Defender,
    Comrade Henry is making reference to Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings. It’s been reported that during the last presidential election in which he participated, Cummings went to the village where he claims his dad was born. But, although he could have identified with the residents of the village by walking to get there, Cummings was carried by a four-headed hammock.

    The name of the village is called Gbaken.

  13. It is simply a tradition. There are traditional ways and manners to receive a king or leader in some villages in Liberia.
    Grand Frere, I am a country or bush boy and so I know what I am saying. You may have another interpretation to it, as a kwee man. It does NOT mean anything.
    It was done to Taylor, Ellen and it has been done to Weah as well. It could happen to you (Hney) or any other person who wants to be clothed with leadership in Liberia.

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