Ogunti Eyes Liberia Investment Climate

Imagine a young man who has lived in abject poverty alongside sixteen (16) other persons in a three-bedroom apartment, particularly in the most economically advanced country (USA) in the world but is now a man of great affluence?

Come to think about it and accept that Boniface Ogunti, 25 years old (now), was in such a shattered life and had no assurance from the onset that his story could have changed and that he could become the millionaire he is today.

Ogunti told the Daily Observer through an interview that he has achieved one important goal, the goal of making his own money and now is time to return to Liberia and invest.

“I was brought to the United States as a child of five years. I didn’t know anything much about my home country Liberia but I have always known one thing-I have a home called Liberia,” the young entrepreneur said through a WhatsApp interview Tuesday evening.

The Founder and CEO of Ogunti Group of Companies said he is optimistic that his ventures would make gains in Liberia because he has the right team and the right approach to proceed with.

“We have invested $1,700,000 into the transportation sector and now we’ll be investing over $10,000,000 into luxury houses in Liberia to bring more Liberians who are overseas to take interest in investing back home in Liberia,” Ogunti explained.

Ogunti failed at seven business ventures, but did not lower his head until he built an e-commerce empire at the age 21 through which he became a millionaire and is now further accumulating more wealth and expanding his network of businesses, including transportation and real estate.

The young business tycoon narrated that he made over $10M from technology and consulting industry and feels good that he is now investing his money not only in the United States where he lives but in Africa, particularly Liberia.

“I help people start and grow wildly profitable consulting, coaching, and e-com businesses. I got started when I was 21 years old and completely broke living and working. I today own and run Current9.com. It has been in existence since 2016 when I was even younger.

Ogunti explained that Current9.com is an internet based platform involved in advertisement and has become a widely used platform by many people in America and outside of America.

The young entrepreneur, who is currently in the country, said he will work with all who believe in development as he launches his projects.

He added: “I began my business journey when I was 16 years old. I used to sell shoes and stuff. It has not been rosy or easy but I kept my head high up and I made the right associations. I am glad that my focus and determination and belief in God are now paying me so much.”

Ogunti said with Liberia now at 200 years since the arrival of the free people of color from America and other parts of the world, it is about time the country’s development narrative shifts from one of the least developed to a growing, prosperous nation.

“This is one of the reasons we are investing in the construction of luxurious homes. They will be affordable and we can assure that some people who visit Liberia will not have to stay in hotels and pay so much when they can be given the same quality of life at a private home away from home for fewer amounts,” he averred.

When further asked about his break-through, Ogunti said negative thoughts about oneself while poor or other people who are financially potent are never helpful but positive thoughts and taking actions as one plans along life’s lanes.

“What if I am the reason why I am in debt, have no money, and stuck in one place?” When I started asking these questions, I began to see things more clearly and when I accepted the truth about my own negativity, I turned my desires into reality. I did this by learning my first 7 Figure skill and that was, advertising. This was the skill that backed up my desires and transformed my life. I went from bagging groceries in the supermarket, to earning over $10,000 a month. All happened when I was 20 years old,” he fondly narrated through a Facebook post.

He concluded in his post by saying “I share this with you, so you know what is possible. That a broken, negative internet wannabe, can change to make a 7 figure income and it all started with a shift in my mindset, and backed up by a 7 Figure income skill to live the life I had only dreamed of. You may also have similar desires for your life-maybe to buy a new home, maybe to help your family, or maybe to get out of debt. But if you don’t have the skill set to back up your desires, then that is nothing. And you will always be frustrated.”