Velma Roberta Michael Koffa Dies


Velma Roberta Michael Koffa often found herself juggling between family and children who were the most important part of her life.

She died at age 71.

Born on January 12, 1947, unto the union of Robert Michael and Leona B. Hayes, in Monrovia, she attended the St. Theresa’s Convent, acquired her high school education, and later went to the University of Liberia in 1966.

Marriage followed to General Leroy Gibson of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) in 1963. The marriage was blessed with two children, Leona Koffa and Velma Lydia Gibson Jones of Pennsylvania, United States.

Velma’s marriage ended painfully, said her daughter, Velma Lydia Gibson Jones, before the funeral of her mother in Monrovia.

She said her mother remarried to Mr. George Koffa, Sr., on September 1, 1972. Mr. Koffa, Sr., brought with him into the union two children, Elaine and George, Jr., and it was blessed with three children: Georgette, Evelyn, and Magdeline.

“She later relocated with her family to Oklahoma City, United States of America, and worked for the US Public Schools Board of Education in the Curriculum Department,” Ms. Gibson said.

Velma and Koffa’s marriage lasted for 46 years. She returned to Liberia in 2012.

Velma Roberta Michael Koffa died on November 10, 2018, after a long battle with diabetes, and was buried in Monrovia at the Brewerville Cemetery, outside Monrovia. She was fondly remembered by her children, family, and friends.

The funeral was held at the Triumphant Life International Church, Sinkor, Airfield, near Barrolle Practice Ground, Monrovia.

Velma’s parents predeceased her; so did three of her brothers — Charles Browne, Aaron Browne, and Ramond Browne — in 1990 during the Liberian Civil War.

Her daughter Velma Lydia Gibson-Jones said: “We the children that she left behind, including Leona, George, Jr., Evelyn, Elaine, Georgette, Magdeline and friends remember her in our hearts.”

In a tribute to her memory, a statement issued by her children said: “Mother, you held a special place that no one else could fill. You had been a source of loving strength, a fortress upon a hill. Always you had guided us with wisdom sure and true down the pathways of life, showing us just what to do. You gave us all that we needed and had been a friend. Having a mother like you helped us come to see what the love of God was.”


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