TRIBUTE BY CROWD TWENTY-ONE To the Late Willis DeFrancis Knuckles, Founding President


It is with heavy hearts that we have come to pay tribute on behalf of Crowd 21 to our deceased Club Mate, DeFrancis.

Willis was the Founding President (1973) and a Charter Member of Crowd 21. He was an extraordinary member. The Crowd had inherited a treasure. We saw him as a leader among us, but also saw him demonstrating the leadership everywhere he went. On Cuttington, the Student Association (1967) can testify and The Nader Football Club can testify. In Monrovia, the Alpha Oldtimers Sports Association can testify. In Careysburg, the SEYS United Methodist Church can testify, too. We are proud to say that through him, we all contributed to the fulfillment of one of his dreams: the building of that Church.

Willis was a man of great humility and an extraordinary humanitarian. He is thought of as having the distinct characteristic of a “treasured friend, both thoughtful and helpful”. He would keep the doors of friendship open. He always found time for his friends no matter what the circumstances. This was felt not only by his club mates, but also by many who came in contact with him.

Further, he was a strategist, an organizer and a planner targeted for winning results. In this regard, I quote from JWH McClain, “Assuredly the scrolls of history will illuminate his name as that victorious campaign manager of the enterprises that brought forth at once, to Liberia and to Africa, their first democratically elected female President.”

So what can we learn from his footprints? Is this what life is all about?

… Entering the stage, playing your part in such a way that those you leave behind have a good model to imitate. His is one to imitate.

As we bid farewell to our friend and club mate, we ask that he greets for us, those members who have gone before:

  1. Sama Traub
  2. George W.W. Dennis
  3. Herman P. Greene
  4. Waldron Woods
  5. S.B.  Stubblefield
  6. Laval Macborough
  7. Wilbert A.J. Hoff
  8. S. Raymond Horace, II
  9. Charles Gyude Bryant

To our adopted “wife” Hawa and the family, we hereby express our deepest sympathy. Our hearts mourn with yours as we have all lost this loved one. As we pray for your consolation, we pray that his soul will Rest in peace. We will surely miss him, but we than God that his troubles are over and he can have eternal rest.

Delivered by:

Randolph A.K.W. McClain, PHD


August 16, 2014 — At the Funeral, SEYS United Methodist Church, Careysburg, Liberia


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