Late Tokay Tomah Laid to Rest

The late Madam Tokay Tomah

Celebrated traditional singer Tokay Tomah who became famous for the hit single ‘Chay Chay Polay’ from her debut album, has been laid to rest at the St. Peter and Paul cemetery in Springfield, Pennsylvania.

Tokay Tomah, 49, who is survived by her only daughter and a granddaughter, both living in the USA, reportedly collapsed on her way to work in an elevator and subsequently died at the Paoli Hospital in Pennsylvania, USA, as a result of cardiac arrest.

The home-going took place under extremely cold weather with thousands of Liberians in attendance.

Tokay’s funeral was held at the Christ Assembly Agape Missionary Church of the Nazarene in Collingdale, Pennsylvania. Her remains were interred at the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Cemetery in Springfield, Pennsylvania.

Pastor Jacob of the Christ Assembly Agape Missionary Church of the Nazarene, who delivered the eulogy, referred to her as a devoted Christian who committed herself to serving the Lord.

“The end time is near. Death is for everyone and it comes at any time; embrace Christ now like she did and be saved,” Pastor Jacob said.

In separate tributes, Tokay Tomah was hailed for the outstanding role she played in promoting Liberian songs and artists at home and abroad.

Last rites being performed for the late Tokay Tomah at her funeral, held in the USA

Born in Buutuo, Nimba County in 1968, she was the last of six children and was therefore named Tokay, meaning ‘stay in the house,’ because she was her parents’ favorite.

The late Tomah was recruited as a teenager to join the Liberian National Troupe when former President William R. Tolbert and Director of Culture Peter Ballah visited her county on a tour and were impressed by her dancing.

As a member of the troupe which toured Europe, United States, and several African countries during the 80s, she served as a background vocalist for most of the famous singers including Fatu Gayflor, Zaye Tete, and Nimba Bird.

Nicknamed ‘Queen of the Stage,’ Tomah entered the music arena in 2002 as a solo artist with her debut album, ‘Chay Chay Polay,’ which established her as Liberia’s premiere female recording artist at that time.

From 2002 she produced six albums, with the last being ‘What You Know About Me’ in 2012. Among the six albums Tomah released, ‘Open the Door’ and ‘Chay Chay Polay’ were the most popular and sold in their thousands.


  1. May this female soul of Nimba, Ivory Coast border. Rest in peace.

    With experiences learned from Liberian women who excel to power, they feel underweighted without a man by their side. They would prefer an active partner. Thus will prefer to marry to be recognized and accepted by public sentiments. Some think that this new female vice president will soon marry after the inauguration to adjust her name to a better statutory status. This might show her personal influence from connection to a convicted prisoner of the world court. The people will rather be pleased with a female VP who is actively married. The love for country cannot be in hiding or divorced. Will not see our new Government until after inauguration. Wait for God’s time.
    No more comments until after Liberia’s Presidential inauguration of Mr. and Mrs. Weah (Manneh & Clar) as President and first lady. We will have a smooth and peaceful inauguration. Let the Liberian people know.
    Do not reply this box.
    Gone to silence.


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