As Chief Medical Officer Continues her 21-day Self-Imposed Quarantine, Dr. Dahn’s Special Assistant Is Buried

The Reverend Napoleon Brathwaite III,  Special Assistant to Liberia’s  Chief Medical, Dr. Bernice Dahn, was buried last Saturday at Thinker’s Village, off the Robertsfield Highway.

Rev. Brathwaithe died last Thursday morning of the deadly Ebola virus.  He was in his 55th year.

Health and Social Welfare Minister Dr. Walter Gweingale ordered the immediate spraying of Dr. Dahn’s office and the rest of the building in Congo Town, which houses the Ministry.

Immediately following Rev. Brathwaite’s untimely death, his boss, Chief Medical Officer Bernice Dahn, in an exemplary display of self discipline and medical efficiency, quarantined herself at home.  She separated herself from her husband, Counselor Roland Dahn, and her children at their home in Redhill Field, Virginia, Montserrado County. 

“I only speak with them, but we have absolutely no physical contact whatsoever,” she told the Daily Observer.  Thankfully, Dr. Dahn assured this newspaper that she is in good health.

Rev. Brathwaite’s last day in office at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, according to Dr. Dahn, was Monday, September 15, when he fell ill.   She visited him at his Barnersville Estate residence on September 20, where she saw him but did not touch him, anyone or anything in the house.  It was at that point that she decided to quarantine herself, remaining home, isolating herself from her husband, children and anyone else in the house.  The Health Ministry has since, of course, been out of the question.

Rev. Brathwaite was later admitted to the Ebola health clinic near the ELWA Hospital.  He was later tested positive as an Ebola victim.  He died there  last Thursday morning.

Twice a widower, having lost  two wives to the cruel hand of death, Rev. Brathwaite leaves to mourn his loss eight  children; two aunts; two sisters; a brother; and many other relatives.       

Dr. Dahn, having begun her self-quarantining on September 20, has 11 more days to go, and is scheduled to end her quarantine on October 11, 2014.

Napoleon Nathaniel Brathwaite III was born in Gbarnga, then Central Province (now Bong County), on Christmas Day, December 25, 1959 to the union of Napoleon Brathwaite II and his consort Esther.  A native of Crozierville,  Montserrado County, Napoleon III was connected to several of the Township’s families—the Heaths, Brathwaites, Portes, Eastmans and Bests.  Not long after he was born, his father, Napoleon II, gave him to Mrs. Lilian Best, matriarch of the Best family of Broad Street, Snapper Hill, to be raised.  It was in Monrovia  that he commenced his elementary education.  Upon his completion of high school from the Monrovia Central High in the 1970s, he matriculated to the Baptist Theological Seminary, where he took the Bachelor’s in Theology and was ordained a Baptist pastor.

He served with the Liberia Opportunities Industrial Corporation (LOIC) and the National Bible Society of Liberia before entering the Ministry of Health.

Until his death he was pastor of the Peaceful Baptist Church at Battery Factory, Gardnersville, Monrovia.


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