NSA Operative Sues House of Representatives

Assistant Director for Cyber Crimes and Intelligence at the National Security Agency (NSA), Joseph J. Brown

… for ‘unduly punishing’ him

The alleged dismissed Assistant Director for Cyber Crimes and Intelligence at the National Security Agency (NSA), Joseph J. Brown has filed a writ of prohibition against his incarceration and subsequent punishments upon the orders of Plenary of the House of Representatives for what they called, 'lying under oath'.

Joseph J. Brown was sentenced on Tuesday August 3, 2021 to 72 hours in jail. He was further demanded to pay the amount of four thousand four hundred ninety-nine Liberian dollars ninety-nine cents, as well as publish for 3 consecutive days an apology to lawmakers in 3 different local dailies to include Frontpage Africa, The Inquirer, and the Daily Observer. He is to also submit himself to an investigation headed by the Ministries of Justice, Gender and Labour, as well as NSA and the Liberian National Police.

According to Thursday's agenda of the House of Representatives, the 53rd day sitting; by directive of His Honor Joseph Nagbe, Associate Justice presiding-in-Chambers of the Supreme Court cited the House of Representatives through and by its Speaker, Rep. Bhofal Chambers, to appear on Monday August 9, 2021 at the hour of 2:00 p.m. in connection to a ‘petition of a writ of prohibition’.

Though the House failed to have session Thursday, August 5, due to a lack of quorum as most of the lawmakers were reportedly in pockets of public hearings, the Daily Observer has however gathered that the "petition of the writ of prohibition" was served to the Judiciary Committee and the Department of Legal Affairs of the House.

The House, on Tuesday, August 3, through a motion proffered by Rep. Clarence Massaquoi, voted 11 for and one against,  for Joseph J. Brown to be remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison for ‘lying under oath’ after arguing that he is still under the employ of the NSA and has not received any letter of dismissal. But contrary to his claim, NSA Director James Pearson ll testified Brown was dismissed in June. A copy of the dismissal letter was read in open session. It was also revealed that Mr. Brown was suspended since October 2020 and admitted to Plenary that he has not gone to work or taken pay since November 2020.

The alleged former NSA Assistant Director for Cyber Crimes and Intelligence was summoned by the House of Representatives regarding a pornographic video he posted on his Facebook page, which showed a little girl believed to be below the age of 10 performing oral sex on an older unidentified man.