Zwedru Gets First Mineral Water Factory

Sample of the Zwedru Produced water

By: Uriah Solo Lewis Grand Gedeh

A private entity known as “Cash Enterprise” on March 08, 2018, officially opened a “purified water” factory to the public in the provincial city of Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County. The entity is expected to ease the critical shortage of  safe drinking water in the County and the southeastern region at large.

The Chief Executive Officer of Cash Enterprise, Mr. Ben Tarlue Pyne, said Cash Purified Drinking Water Factory has the capacity to produce plastic and bottled water both small and large.

The CEO further stressed that machines used at the factory have the ability to produce about one thousand bottles of safe mineral water in an hour’s time, adding: “These machines were ordered from China and are the same as those being used by various water producing companies in the country, and they are very sophisticated”.

Mr. Pyne mentioned that well-trained technicians have been recruited from Monrovia, to ensure that the factory meets the requisite guidelines setup by the government for the production of safe drinking mineral water.

“Our facility is hygienic-friendly and has a well guided procedure in place to ensure that everything is on course,” Mr. Pyne said.

The water factory, which is the first of its kind in Zwedru and the region at large, will help ease difficulties citizens of the region face to access safe drinking mineral water. The factory is expected to distribute its products in five of the counties in the region, as well as Tappita, Nimba County.

“The factory will produce plastic bag water sold at the rate of sixty Liberian dollars (60, 00) per sack, while bottled water per dozen is expected to be sold for US$ 5,” said one of the workers of Cash Enterprise.

The initiative was highly welcomed by the business community. The  County Coordinator of Liberia Business Association (LIBA), Mr. Stephen Zohn, lauded Mr. Ben Pyne for such a step taken and described him as a “business hero” of our time.

Cash Enterprise CEO leads parade to launch the opening of the factory

The LIBA county bosses underscored that the initiative will boost socio-economic activities for the Southeast and also alleviate (ease) poverty for the general population, by serving as a means of employment and revenue generation for the people of Grand Gedeh and the southeastern counties.

Mr. Stephen Zohn is is, however, calling on other business personalities to think big and help buttress the effort of the national government in the process of nation building.

In his remark, the Branch Manager of the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) Mr. Aaron Collins  praised Cash Enterprise for the worthy cause undertaken. He affirmed his institution’s willingness to help middle-sized and bigger businesses to improve and strengthen their investments.

The opening program begun with a parade through the principal streets of Zwedru and was climaxed with an indoor program at the factory site, which is situated on Sinoe Road, at the outskirts of Zwedru, where there was an exhibition of the products.

In a related development, the CEO of Cash Enterprise Mr. Ben Pyne has disclosed that a 30-bedroom modern hotel facility will officially open to the public in July of this year, adding: “The facility, when open, will create more than fifty job opportunities for mainly young people of the County and the region at large”.



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