Zorzor Tense over Brutal Killing of Woman

Upon hearing of the incident, aggrieved citizens of the area blocked the main road for several hours, demanding the living body of the alleged perpetrator and the extracted parts of the late Krubo.

The brutal killing of a 9th-grade student of Sumokota Public School in the town of Zalemie in Zorzor District, Lofa County on June 14, is said to have brought all activities in the district to a standstill, with an angry mob setting up roadblocks and ransacking properties in pursuit of the alleged perpetrator.

Reports reaching the Daily Observer’s Nimba Bureau said the victim was a young woman identified as Krubo Gibson and her boyfriend Mulbah Z. Flomo went to their farm on Thursday, June 14, and while on the farm the alleged perpetrator, identified as Smithwou Ballah crept on them and shot the boyfriend with a single barrel gun.

The lady, hearing the gunfire, fled for her life, but the alleged perpetrator ran after her and shot her in the back, and killing her instantly and then went to mutilate her body, by cutting off her head, her right hand, her private parts and her right foot.

Her boyfriend, who fled earlier managed to reach Fissebu, where he was rescued and taken to the Zorzor Hospital and was later rushed to the Tellewoyan Hospital in Voinjama, where his condition is said to be improving, although many had believed that he was dead after he lapsed into a coma that lasted several hours.

Upon hearing of the incident, aggrieved citizens of the area blocked the main road for several hours, demanding the living body of the alleged perpetrator and the extracted parts of the late Krubo.

The angry citizens went on the rampage, stoning the Zorzor Police Station, destroying 4 houses belonging to the alleged perpetrator’s family, setting the perpetrator’s father and brother’s rice kitchens ablaze and unmercifully flogging his(the perpetrator’s) father, Kollie Ballah, who is the principal of a school in Zalemie.

The angry citizens destroyed home belonging to the alleged perpetrator’s family

Mr. Kollie Ballah was later rushed to Monrovia for treatment.

Nimba popular Facebook page “ Nimba Future Generation” quoted the ELBC Reporter in Lofa as saying that calm is gradually returning to Zorzor, after a huge deployment of armed police headed by Police 102 or Chief of Operations, Commissioner Robert Buddy.

What led to the incident is yet to be established, but the ELBC Reporter in Lofa County quoted some inhabitants of the town as saying both men were, some time ago, involved in a conflict relating to a farmland.  The issue was settled, with the victim (Mulbah) winning the case, but it is not clear if the incident was provoked by the same land issue.

However, another report said Flomo, the boyfriend was apparently responsible for the woman’s death but efforts to get Police Regional Commander Morris Teamah to confirm the report was unsuccessful as his phone was perpetually switched off or was out of coverage area.

However, the ELBC reporter was quoted as saying that the alleged perpetrator Smithwou Ballah is now in the hands of the Liberia National Police.

The brutal killing of the lady has sparked off angry reactions on social media (Facebook), with many expressing shock and disbelief and describing the act as dreadful, wicked and barbaric.

Meanwhile, five police officers are currently undergoing treatment after their vehicle suffered an accident while on their way from Gbarnga to Zorzor to respond to the situation.


  1. The person, or persons responsible for the killing of the lady must be brought to justice through the Liberian Justice System. Likewise, those who are responsible for breaking down homes, burning Rice Kitchen, and assaulting others must be brought to justice.
    Under the rule of law, the father of the accused person and other members of the family should not be attached just because a family member is accused of committing a crime. Liberia is a Country of Law, and not whosoever will.

  2. In my view, some henious crimes do not need to be investigated. The killing of Krubo Gibson, who had done nothing provocative to the killer, is a henious crime. Also, the attempted murder of Flomo, the boyfriend of the deceased, is without doubt an extreme case of mental retardation.

    No one should be given the platform to justify his or her crime. Of course, the delusional killer must face trial. But, in my view, there’s no explanation the killer has that justifies the gruesome murder of Krubo Gibson. I will play judge and jury. As a member of the jury, the killer is guilty of his crime. As a judge, the killer faces life in jail without the possibility of a parole.

    Such a stiff punishment will not deter crime, but it will make some would-be criminals to think twice before they commit a crime.

    To the family of Krubo Gibson:
    May the family of Krubo Gibson be strong. May the Grace of God shine on you as though it were a flashlight trained on you.

  3. How will Liberians respect the law when after sponsoring the massacre of 300,000 Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is given the Nobel Peace Prize?


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