Nimba Superintendent Honored For Development Initiatives

Nimba County Superintendent Dorr Cooper

Some residents of Zoe-Geh District in Nimba County, under the banner, ‘Zoe – Geh Citizens United for Development’ based in Bahn City, recently honored County Superintendent David Dorr Cooper for his ‘numerous developmental initiatives’ in the county.

The head of the group, Madison G. Freeman, praised the honoree for the developments he has undertaken since he served as Mayor of Ganta, before becoming the Superintendent of Nimba.

Freeman said that it was Cooper’s efforts as Mayor of Ganta that transformed the city into its present status as one of the booming cities in the country.

“Before he took over as city mayor, there were lots of makeshift buildings and kiosks on the main street of Ganta, but he worked so hard and transformed everything to the extent that today Ganta is considered one of the best cities in Liberia,” he said.

“For his work as Development Superintendent of the county, he initiated the reopening of streets and alleys in some cities and towns.

“Today, we can see how accessible Karnplay, Bahn and even Saclepea are now, just because the streets and alleys were reconditioned.”

At the honoring program, one of the chairpersons of the ruling Unity Party (UP), Esther Doe, commended Supt. Cooper for championing most of the development activities in the county.

“It is good to give a person flowers while he is alive,” she said. “Regardless of Supt. Cooper leaving the UP, he is doing lots of other good things for our county.”

Elder Joseph Quemie also hailed Supt. Cooper for giving Bahn a face-lift while serving as the development superintendent for the county.

He  cautioned the county’s leadership to complete the reopening of the alleys in Bahn including the building of bridges to speed up development in the area.

Supt. Cooper thanked the citizens for tracking his activities, which he said was an honor which he appreciated.

He told the citizens that his concern is to see Nimba become second to none in terms of development.

He thanked them for honoring him and said he does not have the time to listen to critics who want to see the county remain backward, but instead have time to do good things that will benefit the entire county.

In a related development, the citizens have appealed to the county leadership to lobby for the reconstruction of the Bahn High School which, according to them, is becoming a death trap for the students and members of the faculty.


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