Zoe Geh Citizens Hail CNFA/LADA

City Mayor Dopoe, (center) with DC Deemie after the ribbon was cut

For awarding farm tractor to Kpodo Farmer Cooperative

The citizens of Zoe Geh District in Nimba County have hailed an American-based non-governmental organization (NGO) called Cultivating New Frontier in Agriculture and the Liberia Agribusiness Development Agency, commonly known as CNFA/LADA, for the award of a brand new farm tractor that is expected to help boost agriculture production.

Speaking at the award ceremony, which took place in the town of Zayglay, the City Mayor of Bahn, Madam Angie Dopoe, hailed CNFA/LADA and the people of America for the tractor. Present at the ceremony were members of the Kpodo Multipurpose Farmer Cooperative

Madam Dopoe said the tractor will enhance agriculture productivity in the district and the county at large.

She said KPODO has been the key producer of food in the district and the county during the days of the Nimba County Rural Development project/NCRDP, which took place during the 80s.

Madam Dopoe urged the women and the community at large to engage into farming as it was done in the past, in order for the district and the county to regain its former rice production status.

Zoe Geh is one of the largest statutory districts in Nimba County, comprising three administrative districts – Zoe Gbar, Gbor and Buu-Yao respectively. It extends as far as Buutuo to the Ivorian border.

Bill Karwea, administrative assistant of Gbor Administrative District Commission, also commended the organization for the level of assistance provided to Kpodo.

He said the tractor will increase productivity in the entire district and also empower the farmers financially.

The chairperson of KPODO, Peter Sakpedeh, expressed gratitude on behalf of  the group for the item and said it will empower them for several years.

Kpodo Multipurpose Cooperative was founded in 1981 by a group of farmers in Zayglay Town, near Bahn.

On March 30, 2018, a United States-based non–governmental organization (NGO) called Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA) and the Liberia Agribusiness Development Activity (CNFA/LADA) awarded a brand new tractor worth US$56,000 to the Kpodo Multipurpose Cooperative.

The award is part of the U. S. Government’s Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative, “Feed the Future.”

In January this year, the CNFA/LADA also awarded a farm tractor to the Dokodan Farmer Cooperative in Gbedin in Nimba County, while providing assistance to the Gbehlay Geh Women Farmer Group.

CNFA/LADA Nimba County’s Coordinator Thomas Gayeplu said the organization has been working with Kpodo since 2016, providing support through a generator and other items of the grant award.

Gayeplu said based on the activities of Kpodo, CNFA/LADA decided to award the tractor, to enhance farmers’ capacity to produce more food as part of the grant agreement.

LADA is a five-year agricultural project that is implemented by Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA) in four counties: Bong, Lofa, Nimba and rural Montserrado, with the goal of increasing the income of smallholder farmers through private sector investment in the Liberian agribusiness sector, which is sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Core Investment Fund’s manager Victor Ngorbu underscored the important role women play in agricultural development, because they do nearly all the farming work, including weeding and harvesting.

Ngorbu disclosed how the CNFA/LADA received a US$20 million grant from the U.S. government to support rice, cocoa, cassava, vegetable and processors in Bong, Lofa, Montserrado and Nimba counties.

“In Nimba County,” he said, “the organization is working with the Kpodo, Dokodan and Gbehlay Geh Women Group respectively. Today, we are handing over a farm tractor to Kpodo, to cultivate about 87 hectares of land for food production as part of the grant.”

He said that CNFA/LADA early this year provided an 80kva generator to KPODO, to support the rice mill project, as well as provided a power tiller to the group. He put the total amount of grant provided to US$180,000 covered all the expenses, including the tractor.

An elderly man attending the handover ceremony praised the Americans for their tireless support to the people of Liberia.

“The American people have always been good to us from the time we were young,” he said.

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