Zion Grove Baptist Church Gets Ebola Messages, Materials


The senior pastor, chairman of the Board of Trustees and over 100 members of the Zion Grove Baptist Church, located in the Township of Brewerville, happily benefitted from preventive materials against the deadly Ebola virus after a whole-day of sensitization messages in the church’s edifice.

The awareness campaign and distribution of the Ebola preventive materials was organized by the National Center for Excellence & Creativity (NCEC-Liberia), planner of the National Excellence Awards, in continuation of their vision to contribute to the fight of Ebola.

The chief executive officer (CEO) of NCEC, Christopher Hayes Onanuga, said Wednesday’s Ebola awareness and distribution of preventive materials, including, buckets, chloride and soaps, marked second undertaking in two months.

He urged the congregation always to their wash their  hands, avoid physical contacts, touching dead bodies and eating dried meats.

People who have been cured of the virus should not have sex/or sex with other persons for about between 90-100 days, he advised.

Mr. Onanuga told journalists after the awareness, that NCEC’s first event targeted  about 200 persons, including members of the church as well as others from the communities.  On that occasiou, 34 buckets with chloride and soaps were distributed.  Wednesday’s event was a follow-up, when  an additional 12 buckets and other items were distributed.

“This is our way to help government in the fight against the virus and we have promised ourselves that we won’t stop until this virus is completely out the country,” Mr. Onanuga said.

“With the help of International Bank, we have distributed buckets and other materials to villages and towns Margibi and we plan to return to finish the distribution we have started.  We will then go to Grand Cape Mount County.”

Senior pastor John D. Karmo and chairman of the Board of Trustees, Abraham G. Samuel, hailed NCEC for the gesture and called on other institutions to emulate their example.

 “I urge every Christian to adhere to what the Government says and  prevent the spread of this virus,” said Rev. Karmo.  “Faith without work is a dead faith, so let’s wash our hands, avoid physical contacts, touching dead bodies and eating dried meats.  Then God will do the rest.”

Last month, NCEC took the Ebola awareness and preventive messages to villages, towns and clans in Margibi County.

 They shared the Ebola’s messages to over 7,000 persons in inland Margibi County, crossing over rivers with canoes; passing over ramshackle bridges and walking through wooded areas.

Besides the leaflets, some of the placards they also displayed said: “Don’t doubt Ebola; it kills;” and “Ebola is worse than Malaria, HIV/AIDS.”


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