Youths Urged to Be Focused


One of the commissioners of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), Aba Hamilton-Dolo, has urged young people in the country to focus on engaging into positive things and creating means for opportunity throughout Liberia.

Speaking at a one-day National Youth Leadership Conference on Wednesday June 4, at the Monrovia Christian Fellowship in Sinkor, Mrs. Dolo said there are lots of young people in the country but lack of opportunity hampers their live.

Serving as one of the speakers of the conference, Madam Dolo said it is important for the youth to engage in creating avenues and exploring their dream especially the issue of education that gives one empowerment for life.

“We are the reflection of our society, what we do today is what continues in the future. Let us be the change that Liberia needs, this will help us to be good representations of our country both here and out there. We need to have the mind set for our self and say that we can bring the necessary change that Liberia needs,” she noted.

According to the speaker, young people should focus on creating the atmosphere for learning that will bring better living condition.

She also warned those involved in corruption especially in the classroom for grades as the means of obtaining passing marks to deviate from such habit if they want to succeed.

Also serving as one of the panelists, Joseph Boakai Jr., urged young people to be prepared for everything in life but with emphasis on the global market that will brighten the life of anyone prepared.

According to Mr. Boakai, there were lots of distractions in the lives of young people most especially in the classroom and the social aspect all over the country, thus creating setback for many of them in the society.

Mr. Boakai said, “Responsible leadership will only come to responsible people and those that are prepared. This is why we need to focus on doing thing that brings good image to our society and our self for the challenges ahead of us.”

The conference brought together speakers including: Joyce R. Addae-Kumi, a corporate lawyer, Lawrence Harris, MRU Resident representative/ coordinator, Alma Morris, Sales Executive of Brussels Airlines, Charlyne Brumskine from the Liberia International Shipping Corporate Registry (LISCR) and Michael A. Olsen, Chairman Addressing Home.

Macdella Cooper, head of the conference, said it is intended to create the platform that young people can interact with people in the private and government sectors to inspire and motivate them in understanding their roles and responsibilities as global citizens.

Madam Macdella Cooper said she feels that the young people want to do some thing but need to be empowered and informed about the largest society as well as how educated people can bring change to young Liberians through interaction or discussions.”

Madam Cooper said it is important that dynamic speakers and panelists can encourage and provide some basic knowledge that brings hope and self motivation. 


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