Youth Network to Hold Sub-regional Dialogue at YMCA


The West African Youth Network will collaborate with the Center for Security Studies and Development (CENSSAD) from May 31- June 1, 2017 at the YMCA headquarters to hold a sub-regional dialogue for the leaders of the youth wing of political parties in Monrovia, drawn from Guinea, Sierra Leone and host country Liberia, a release said yesterday.

The dialogue will be held under the theme: “Mobilizing Democratic Forces: Engaging an Innovative Youth Participation in Democratic and Political Governance in the Mano River Union.”

The release said dialogue will “enhance experience sharing and network building among youth groups and youth wings of political parties at local and regional levels to improve their collective capacity to negotiate with and influence political and democratic processes.”

The event is expected to bring together 30 participants from across the Mano River Union region.

According to Program Manager Arthur R.M. Becker, the dialogue forum is part of a series of collaborative efforts by his organization and the Center for Security and Development (CENSSAD) to foster peace consolidation and sub-regional peace and security promotion with the full participation and involvement of young people.

He said further that the series of additional initiatives are also expected to be carried out to promote peaceful and non-violent democratic transitions in Liberia come October 2017 during the Presidential and Legislative elections, as well as in Sierra Leone, where the country goes to elections in March 2018.

Meanwhile, Mr. Becker said the dialogue forum comes at an historic moment for Liberia when ECOWAS is similarly holding several key meetings under the stewardship of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. This, he said, manifests the spirit of mutual sub-regional cooperation that should be maintained by all.


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