Youth Group Intensifies Ebola Awareness Campaign

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A local youth group, Potential Youth for Education and Societal Empowerment (PYESE), based in Logan Town, Monrovia, has intensified its anti-Ebola awareness and sensitization campaign in several communities in District #15 Montserrado County.

Prior to commencing their campaign, the self-supported organization designed a communication strategy geared towards combating the rapid spread of the world’s largest and most  deadly Ebola virus  epidemic.

Utilizing prepared and approved Ministry of Health and Social Welfare awareness messages, youth volunteers carried out community outreach and Jehovah Witness campaign (door-to-door) activities in Logan Town and Caldwell.

Mr. Prince Powo, president of PYESE, said that the deadly Ebola outbreak in Liberia cannot be eradicated by government or international partners alone. Instead, it must take the collective effort of every individual, institution as well as development partners in the country.

Mr. Powo, who spoke to this reporter in Logan Town last Saturday, said the virus is something that doesn’t need to be joked with.

“So, as a youth group whose objectives are not just limited to carrying on development and prioritizing youth empowerment, we are also looking at health issues like sanitation and other relative health crises in our country, especially the Ebola virus.”

The PYESE thought it wise to buttress government’s efforts to carry out Ebola awareness in the district to inform the common people that the virus is real and can kill fast.

PEYES is engaged in distributing assorted Ebola prevention materials including chlorides, soaps, and buckets to help support the awareness and protective measures being practiced by residents in the community.

The youth president urged everyone to get involved in disseminating anti-Ebola messages and do their utmost to adhere to all preventive measures as prescribed by the Government of Liberia and other health authorities.

Meanwhile, the group is also seeking partnership with other likeminded entities to strengthen its awareness capacity.


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