Youth Chair Commends USAID For Road Rehabilitation

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The chairman of the youth of the Doe Administrative District in Nimba County has hailed the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for rehabilitating the 21km feeder road linking Gogain on the main road to Tapita with Zuaplay and Dounpa in the Doe Administrative District.
Mr. Langar made the commendation in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer in Tappita recently.
He believes that the ongoing rehabilitation work will bring relief to residents of the district, which has been cut-off from the rest of Nimba owing to the deplorable condition of the stretch of road.
Chairman Langar, as the brain behind the development of the district, congratulated the people of America whose money is being implemented through the construction of roads and other meaningful development now impacting the lives of the locals.
“I am very satisfied with the level of work done so far and I believe that upon its completion, the road will be one of the best feeder roads in Nimba,” he said.
He disclosed that already, the earth-moving equipment on the road have completed about 10 kms of the side clearing, while 2.5 kms of the road have been graded since the project commenced in April this year.
Mr. Langar has meanwhile called on well meaning Nimbaians, especially those hailing from Tappita Statutory District where the Doe Administrative District is situated, to join him in the development advocacy of their district.
On April 26, 2015, USAID broke ground for the rehabilitation of the feeder road connecting Gogain to Zuaplay and Dounpa to enable farmers to reach the market with their produce.
This stretch of the road has been in deplorable condition since it was opened up by logging companies in the mid 1970s. Nearly all the creeks along the route are being covered with wooden bridges, something that posed death threat to commuters.
That is one of the feeder road projects being undertaken by USAID through the U.S.- sponsored Food and Enterprise Development/FED, which is supporting farmers in food production in Nimba.


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