Youth Center Dedicated in Zontuo

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The citizens of Gbao Chiefdom in Nimba County have hailed Owen Johnson Tuazama for his numerous development initiatives which are impacting their lives.

Mr. Tuazama is one of several citizens who are vying for the lone representative seat allotted the Zoe-Gbao District in the unpcoming 2017 elections.

At the dedicatory ceremony in Gbao Zontuo Town recently, the citizens through their various speakers, heaped praises on Mr. Tuazama for his “farsightedness as well as his concern and caring for the poor who have been marginalized from many development activities in the district.”

Town Chief Samuel Z. Langar expressed gratitude to Mr. Tuazama for constructing the youth center, and also supporting the rice swamp project within Zoe – Gbao Administrative District.

“This is the first of its kind that the district has benefited from such a wonderful youth center for which the elders are very happy,” Mr. Langar said.

He cautioned the youth against any acts that would undermine the good image of the district, and urged them to maintain the center to achieve the purpose for which it was constructed.

Mr. G. Justin Samuel, Zoe – Gbao youth leader urged other young people to put political differences aside and concentrate on development in the district.

He also praised Mr. Tuazama for thinking positively about the district.

Mr. Tuazama is from Bahn City which is part of the Zoe – Gbao Administrative District. He is presently based in the United States.

The dedication program was held in his absence, but all those who attended the program, including Gbao Youth Chair Jackson Karnwea, and Morris Yormie, a youth leader of Zontuo Township, among others described him as a true patriot, because of his involvement in development initiatives from 2014.

According to the group of citizens representing his interest, under the banner “Friends of Owen Johnson Tuazama,” Mr. Tuazama is at present constructing a school in Gbormieplay, a town near Gblah Towhship, a suburb of Bahn City.

Mr. Tuazama told this newspaper that he is thinking about implementing similar projects in Gbao Fienplay, Gbao Trouplay and the Bahn High School, which is at present in a dilapidated condition.

The Gbormieplay School project, which is estimated at US$35, 000 has operated in a makeshift building.

“We are also carrying on extensive swamp rice development in Meaplay Yeezlay Town to boost food security and pretty soon, we will be undertaking a market project in the same town,” said Sakpah Mahn, Chairperson of the Friends of Owen.

The political situation in Nimba is gaining momentum on a daily basis especially in electoral district #7, where Mr. Tuazama is aspiring for the rerpresentative seat in 2017.


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