Youth Art Exhibition Paints A Reflective Future


On Saturday, November 17th, The Treehouse at the corner of 16 Street Coleman Avenue was lit with reflective aura spawned by a themed art artworks created by a group of young Liberian artists from a two-day workshop with the Liberia Visual Arts (LiVArts) Academy. 

Over 40 pieces by young artists between the ages of 11 and 31 years were on display, covering the theme: ‘Ebola – during and after the virus’. While some pieces chose to tell visual stories about the devastation brought by the virus, others depicted positive scenes of communities coming together in the face of adversity to defeat the disease.

“Looking ahead, leaving Ebola behind, the artworks displayed an important reminder for Liberia’s future generations of what happened during the crisis as well as documenting some of the many preventative health measures that helped bring the virus under control,” said Leslie Lumeh, executive director of LiVArts.

Lumeh believes the commitment, talent and ambition of these creative young minds speaks of the importance of the creative arts for equipping future generations with the imagination and skillsets to carry Liberia from strength to strength.

Speaking at the exhibition,  Mr. Joseph Jenkinson, a researcher with the University of Malmö (Sweden) who collaborated on the project, said he would leave Liberia feeling inspired and, without doubt, that if these artists were anything to go by, the future of Liberia was in safe and colorful hands.


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