Younquoi Finally Wins in Nimba District #8

Nimba County District #8 Rep. Larry Younquoi

Incumbent Representative of Nimba County District 8, Larry P. Younquoi has been declared the winner in the October 10 legislative election of that district.

Representative Younquoi’s victory follows a recount of the vote after his main rival, businessman turned politician, Saye Miannah, was announced by authorities of the National Election Commission (NEC) as a winner earlier.

Mr. Miannah in previous counting won with 19 votes more than the incumbent, but the result was challenged by Representative Younquoi for recount.

The recount that took place in Saclepea on Saturday, November 4, gave Representative Younquoi 6,191 votes leading Mr. Miannah who obtained 6,174 votes; a difference of 17 votes.

According to some insiders in the counting booths, Larry’s defeat as announced in the initial counting came as a result of considering some votes invalid when they were actually not.

Some voters wrote the name of the candidate of their choice in the marking box, instead of using the voting signs, but poll workers considered it as invalid, which went against the incumbent lawmaker.

The first round of voting gave Saye Miannah a 19 vote lead over Younquoi.

Having rectified the error in the recounting not only for Younquoi, but for the rest of the candidates, the incumbent finally triumphed over his closest rival, Miannah, with 17 votes, making him the winner.

Representative Younquoi’s re-election defeat attributed to him earlier had received mixed reactions.

The announcement of his defeat stirred up opinions that he is very boastful and presents himself as the only educated person from the district, if not from the county in the Legislature.

Others accused Younquoi of being egocentric (selfish, self-centered) to the extent that he does not help his own relatives except his biological children.

Others also said during the first term of his leadership, Representative Younquoi did not advocate on their behalf to reopen their roads. That situation reportedly led most of them in the district to register in another district to vote.

Those that admire Younquoi, on the other hand, said if he were defeated in the race, it would have been a great loss not only for Nimba County, but for the country, because his performance over the years classifies him as one of the  best lawmakers.

Some journalists critiquing Younquoi recently said Nimba was making a grave mistake to get him out, emphasizing that it clearly manifested Nimbaians’ resolve not to get rid of competent lawmakers.


  1. I hope sincerely that you, Mr. Younquoi will get on the bandwagon of Boakai. Congratulations Younquoi. You are not my senator, but I hope you will continue to do the right stuff.

    ….Keep your eyes away from those girls. We men need help out here, but you as a legislator, your situation is different! ….Introduce legislations that are in Liberia’s interest.
    ….We need a minimum wage law so that incoming investors will not continue to malign the bourgeois.
    ….We need encyclopedias in the schools of Liberia and not just in Nimba.
    ….We need good motor roads.
    ….We need textbooks in all schools of Liberia. I don’t give a hoot as to whether a school is located in the boondocks of the country and many more.

    Good luck Younquoi.

  2. Thanks hon.Younquoi,this is just the starting the of this district and the county will continue to support You until you become senator of this county


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