Young Scholars of Liberia to Hold Virtual Writing Workshop

Dr. Wesley conducting workshop with Young Scholars of Liberia during one of her visits

A comprehensive anthology to be published from writers’ poems and stories

Many young Liberian writers are excited about the upcoming writing workshop hosted annually by Dr. Patricia Jabbeh Wesley. This year’s workshop will be conducted virtually due to the pandemic.

At least 33 emerging writers have registered and are admitted into the program which is scheduled to begin June 1- July 10, 2020.

According to Dr. Wesley, the workshop will be held through the Zoom video conferencing app to help dozens of young Liberians write and edit their own works for the anthology project.

“All written poems and stories during the workshop will be edited and published in a comprehensive Liberian Anthology called ‘Breaking the Silence’, a book that Africans will read and say, there is talent in Liberia”, she bragged.

During the six-weeks, participants will spend three hours a day, twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday). According to Dr. Wesley, the workshop is going to be very intensive. Each participant will be required to produce two poems/a story every until the workshop ends.

“This will be a complete college level class experience, with two classes a week, 3 credit hours of learning.  Poems submitted will receive feedback, editing and in-class critiquing”, she emphasized.

Essah Diaz, a volunteer from Puerto Rico will assist Dr. Wesley during sessions. She will also serve as a participant during the workshop.

Meanwhile, Dr. Wesley noted that participants will receive an electronic certificate until after COVID-19 shutdown in Liberia eases. “YSL will plan series of activities including poetry slams, readings, Games, food, music and lots of fun for the young people, hopefully, in July for the July 26 Independence”, she said.

She extended thanks to her friends who contributed through her Gofundme page for the successful implementation of the workshop. “The funds raised will be used to purchase necessary workshop materials, data packages for the participants so that they’ll be active in all sessions.”

“You can imagine how happy I was to get in new donations that shoved us further towards our goal. So, now, we are at $1,548.00 (minus gofundme processing fees), $305.00, Dr. Wesley said.

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