Young People Urged to Play Vital Role in 2017 Elections


By Alvin Worzi

Assistant Youth and Sports Minister Kula V. Fofana is urging young people to play a critical role in the upcoming October elections to maintain Liberia’s peace and development. As young people, she said, “We have the ability to ensure that Liberia has a shiny transition.

We need to work together as young people, no matter which political party each of us represents. Our decision must be the best for the community and for Liberia.”

Minister Fofana spoke at the launch of the Camp for Peace Liberia, on Friday, June 9, under the theme, “Achieving Behavioral Change Towards Peaceful Elections in Liberia,” where she stressed the importance of young people sustaining the country’s peace. She said as Liberia goes to the polls in October, there is a need for young people to contribute to the country’s transition by especially avoiding things that will lead to violence.

Students from various schools around Monrovia

“I believe that many things will be happening in October, but it is our responsibility to be peaceful, because some of the people have the ability to leave this country whenever violence arises. We must avoid being used by politicians during the elections,” Minister Fofana told the students.

The Executive Director of Camp for Peace Liberia, B. Abel Learwellie, said his organization is targeting 1,000 youth for training, who will then ensure that Liberians have a peaceful election. He said the program is designed to use the strongest messages and strategies to change youth behavior during the campaign period and to promote peace through awareness for the October elections.

“We will reach out to build the capacities of the youth, in and out of school, by focusing on peace, good leadership and non violence. We will also encourage them to be fully involved in these elections to ensure that they are not used by politicians,” Director Learwellie said.


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