“Young People Must Serve as Ambassadors of Change”

Some of the participants at Thursday's International Peace Day celebration

…During and after October 10 polls

With 15 days to the presidential and representative elections, the director for programs of the Liberia National Television (LNTV) at the Liberia Broadcasting System, Moses K. Garzeawu, has called on young people to serve as ambassadors of change during and after the October 10 polls.

Director Garzeawu made the call on Thursday at a program marking the celebration of this year’s International Day of Peace held at the Right to Play Youth Center in Paynesville, outside Monrovia. He stressed the need for young people to cultivate peace to ensure a better future.

The celebration, which brought together hundreds of young people, representative candidates, market women, civil society actors, students, among others, was held under the theme: “Together For Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All.”

“We have to make the right decision and not allow anything related to conflict to cause us to retrogress as a nation and people. We need to champion peace and prepare ourselves as well in order to be given the mantle of authority to lead Liberia, which some young people have over the years achieved,” Garzeawu, who served as one of the panelists, said.

He admonished the young people to be tolerant during the elections, and continue to engage each other by focusing on the issues that matter most to Liberia’s development, adding, “We must leave or take away our anger as ambassadors of future generations and continue to protect the interest of Liberia.”

Amos Sawboh, who manages Orphans’ Concern, said it was time for young people to serve as agents of change, noting that Liberia cannot progress in the absence of young people’s contributions.

“Over the years, young people have been used by politicians to carry out violence and so it’s important to engage them and ensure that they are the keepers of the country’s peace. Some young people are traumatized, addicted to drugs; there is a need to talk with them and encourage them as well,” said Sawboh, who also served as one of the panelists.

Stephen Kollie, who spoke on behalf of Youth Coalition for Education Liberia (YOCEL), one of the supporters of the program, called on the youth to demonstrate good behavior ahead of the October 10 polls to make Liberia a place for everyone.

Mr. Kollie said his organization has been working hard in building the leadership skills of young people to become change agents in Liberia.

He urged the young people to disengage from selling their votes for little or nothing and instead vote to ensure that Liberia gets a good leader.


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