Young Nimba Candidate Promises Welfare Bill for Old People


One of the youngest candidates vying for a seat in Nimba County District #4 has outlined his platform, prioritizing social welfare for the old people, if he is elected.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer in Nimba recently, Gunpue Kargon said if elected, he will lobby for a bill that will provide humanitarian services to old people, including the retired.

Mr. Kargon is a young businessman who deals in electrical appliances in Ganta. He obtained an Associate of Arts degree from the Liberia International Christian College in Ganta, and is now a senior student at Cuttington University majoring in management and peace building.

Mr. Kargon, who won the District #4 primary on the ticket of the opposition Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) of Senator Prince Y. Johnson, said he has observed the abject poverty in most of the communities he has toured in his district.

He said some of the villagers complained about being neglected and feeling hopeless, because they do not have better shelters and food to eat.

He said his first 100 days in office will focus strictly on unifying the community, providing humanitarian assistance to the needy, and improving the road network to get services to every part of the district.

“I am a humanitarian, because I have helped most of our brothers and sisters to engage in businesses where today they have become self-supporting,” he said adding, “I have constructed bridges over many creeks within our district for goods and services to reach our people.”

Nimba County District #4 is expected to be one of the hotly contested where over 10 persons are vying for the lone representative seat occupied by Representative Garrison Yealue.

In the last election, Rep. Yealue defeated several candidates including Martin Farngalo (now deceased) who was then representing the district at the Legislature.


  1. I highly support his platform .our senior citizens has been abondone in society for over a century… it about time for us as a politician ro remember them in politic. They deserve all social benefit as a citizen of Liberia. They deserve free housing, medcare and cash all Alloreance.


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