‘Young Farmers of Africa’ Launched

((L-R) Mr. Toquie Vice Chair, Madam Oretha Dennis CEO and Mr. Edmund Coleman, a Pan African Activist

Mr. Edmund Coleman, a Pan African Activist, has disclosed plans to establish a new agricultural project that will assist farmers to increase the production of food in Liberia and other parts of Africa.

The ‘Young Farmers of Africa’ according to Coleman will provide farmers with all needed supports when launched.

Mr. Coleman made the disclosure recently in Monrovia when he was appointed by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Civil Society Movement of Liberia to serve as chairman of the Board of Directors of the organization.

According to him, the agriculture project shall be firstly established in Liberia and extended to other parts of Africa, something which he said has been his dream over the years. He stated that as the mantle of authority is given him to serve on the board of directors of the entity and with the support from other international partners, he will ensure that he uses such platform for youth empowerment through agriculture.  He promised to make agriculture a top priority to enable young people to engage in farming in Liberia and Africa.

“I will like to remind Africa that the ‘Young Farmers of Africa’, which we are about to establish, we shall move from West Africa to the East North, and South. These young farmers of Africa are going to replace the old farmers,” he explained.

Coleman, who is grandson to former Liberian President William Coleman, said the organization will ensure that these young farmers will take after old farmers to meet the target line of food security by 2030, which will make Liberia to also achieve the corresponding Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). He noted that Liberia has the right soil; as such, agricultural activities must be encouraged, and supported in the country to maintain food production.

Coleman was also appointed board chair along with Mr. Napoleon Toquie, who was named vice chair of the entity. He lauded the ECOWAS Civil Society Movement of Liberia for their performance and commitment to continue the work of promoting peace in Liberia, and to empower Liberian youths. He promised to do everything possible to ensure that young people are empowered in various sectors in the country.

During the event on Tuesday, March 5, 2019  in Monrovia, the Executive Director of the Movement, Madam Oretha Dennis, stated that Coleman and Toquie have over the years contributed immensely to the empowerment of hundreds of Liberians. As such, their significant role must be recognized in society. “Mr. Coleman, you took lot of young people out of poverty,” she said.

She described the him as the next Nelson Mandela of Liberia, because of his role played in the establishment of the organization; something which she said has provided many young people opportunities to explore their potentials in and out of Liberia.

She said the two individuals are responsible to ensure that the organization’s programs and activities are implemented fully, especially in the areas of economic empowerment of youths in technical and vocational skills training in the agricultural sector.

Madam Dennis encouraged them to take care of the document that was presented and work along with the government of Liberia, the African Union (AU), Economic Community Of West Africa States (ECOWAS), European Union (EU), the World Bank (WB), to ensure that young people are taken off the streets,” she stated.


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