“You’ll Have New Market in 31 Days,” Pres. Weah Tells Old Road Residents

President Weah and team inspect the ongoing road construction in Old Road community.

President George Weah has promised residents of the densely populated Old-Road Community, particularly marketers, that they would soon buy and sell goods and services in a new state-of-the-art market structure, an Executive Mansion release has said.

According to the release, the President said the new market would be completed in 31 days.

Old Road Community will be one of several communities in the country to benefit from the President’s promise to build modern market facilities.

Duport Road Community is one of few communities that have already benefited from market buildings, which the President has promised to construct.

Swarmed by dozens of jubilant marketers and other residents, President Weah said the architectural design for the new Old-Road Community market structure is already available, and that construction works will soon get underway.

Weah made the disclosure Monday, June 17, 2019, when he toured the deplorable Old-Road Community market that was built several years ago.

According to the release, the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) is expected to oversee the construction of the new Old Road market building. Following the Old-Road Community tour, President Weah drove into the populous slum community of West Point where he assessed the erosion situation that has already displaced hundreds of residents and business people.

Over the years, substantial portion of the West Point Township has been lost to vicious sea erosion, leaving hundreds of residents displaced and homes completely washed away.

President Weah’s government has been making efforts to save communities rocked by the erosion under its “Coastal Defense Projects.” One of the Coastal Defense initiatives has virtually salvaged some of the country’s biggest academic and medical referral facilities, the D. Twe High School and Redemption Hospital from extinction.


  1. Centralized government will always be a centralized government only to exist as a centralized regime in order to maintain centralized control . Market places were built by Ellen Johnson for political reason , if not for political influence. And that trend is being followed through by the beloved Chosen Son of the soil for his own personal political influence. And so the question is asked, what is the County Development Fund is used for after the regimes of both leaders have sent money to the various counties budget after budget to meet and do for their communities these little social services as market houses ? What is the responsibility of the city’s government to communities for some of these small social services to their communities where taxes are collected ? Should every leader in order to become politically popular with the communities , do for the communities what the communities can do for themselves ? There are market associations, city governments and community organizations for the purpose of engagement , in order to see and provide the kind of social services with their taxes or County Development funds instead of what the beloved Chosen Son of the soil is personally promising . Next time , should the beloved Chosen Son of the soil returns from his overseas visit, stop in one of the remote villages of the country and make the same political promises for better schools or better health care facilities. But for now , Monrovia and its surrounding communities are happily getting all the political attention. If the people’s County Development Funds can not do whatever that is being promised, restructured the funds and give it the political power its needs to have an impact. As a former Senator, you are very much aware of how the people’s County Development Funds are misappropriated. This business about constructing market houses is a responsibility of the city or the association. That is the reason why there are private banks and the market association can take out loans for that very project without government involvement. It should be a Private Investment Initiatives .

  2. Good idea as advanced by you. This idea at decentralization was very good, but abused by members of the Legislature who intimidated Counties’ Superintendents, to the extent of sending some of them to jail, ex: Beauty Barcon,and Grace Kpan of Montserrado County, and another from other counties. Rep. Thomas Fallah personally benefited from this by his T-FIVE Academy in Neezoe Community in Paynesville, Grace Kpan gave him 20,000 USD. as scholarship funds for students in Montserrado County, he converted it to build his private school in Neezoe Community.

  3. i am not fully versed in the Grace Kpan/Thomas Fallah story, but the question that will come to mind is this: why would she give him alone $20,000.00 USD for scholarships? Did she give each montserrado congress person that amount or Mr. Fallah alone? What method was used? I will acquaint myself with that story.



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