YMCI Launches ‘No Weapon Praise and Worship Feast’

YMCI officials posed shortly after the launch.

By Joeraisee I.P. Joe (Cub Reporter)

The Youth Movement for Change Initiative worldwide (YMCI) on July 26,2019 launched a new project that aimed to inspire creativity and positive thinking among the young people of Liberia to avoid being wayward in society.

The program, according to its executive director, Triumph James Mattia, aims to promote Godly character and good leadership quality through advocacy, providing well balanced teaching and leading activities.

The program, which is under the title, “No Weapon Praise and Worship,” educates young people about the importance of being creative and positive thinkers, as well as transparent, and law abiding citizens.

“As young people and the future generation of this country, it is very much important that we start being serious to contribute positively to society. It is for this reason we started this initiative to inspire creative thinking among the young people to begin solving some of the problems, and stop depending on the government for little of nothing,” Mr. Mattia said.

He said since the organization was founded three years ago, its members have been involved into lots of projects that includes community service, offering scholarships to the underprivileged, and financial assistance to the needy, most especially the physically-challenged.

The guest speaker, Wrugbe Dugbe, encouraged young Liberians to start taking the necessary initiatives to build their society.

Dugbe said young Liberians are a chosen generation; a royal priesthood and a peculiar people that can do much to improve the country in a positive direction.

He reminded the participants (all young people) that the responsibilities are theirs to change by putting their gifts into good work to develop the country.

“There will be some challenges along the way, but you need to fight your way to get new results to solve some of the difficult problems. Do not disperse from this little beginning, because a great journey begins with just one step. You people have to take advantage of your gift in other to impact others to serve as a legacy,” Mr. Dugbe said.


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