YMCA to Give 175 West Point Women US$26,250 Grant

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On Saturday, March 28 the Liberian YMCA in collaboration with Y Care International, through funding from Comic Relief UK, is expected to distribute the amount of US$26,250 as a “re-start capital” to 175 women of West Point.

The beneficiaries are mainly market women, including female heads of households and female Ebola survivors.

The donation is a part of a project called ‘Saving Lives and Restoring Livelihoods in West Point.’

The Coordinator of the Project, Jerry Paye, told the Daily Observer in an exclusive interview yesterday that the ‘restart grant’ is an economic revitalization assistance intended to address the impact of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) on women and their families.

Accordingly, the women were selected from the Slum Development Project, the Red Cross Women’s Training Integration Project (WIN) and from vulnerable people of the township, particularly female-headed households and Ebola survivors.

Mr. Paye disclosed that the grant fund would be supervised in order to ensure it improves the lives of the beneficiaries and their families.

Meanwhile, the six-month anti Ebola campaign involving the recruitment and temporary employment of forty residents every week to clean the township’s seven communities under the Food for Work scheme (FFW) is expected to windup this weekend.

Each volunteer will receive a 25k bag of rice, a gallon of cooking oil, half dozen tins of sardines and 50 pieces of vita cubes.  The uninterrupted cleaning campaign, which began in October 2014, is one of YMCA’s initiatives to stop the spread of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

Besides the FFW scheme, the YMCA has also engaged in a rigorous public awareness and sensitization campaign against the pandemic.

The YMCA’s peer educators informed the West Pointers about how the Ebola is transmitted and cautioned them against risky behavior.

They also encouraged the West Pointers to practice careful hygiene, for example, frequently washing their hands with soap and water or ashes or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and avoiding contact with blood and body fluids.

Leaflets and posters about the prevention of the virus are also distributed and posted on houses, shops and other places.

The Liberian YMCA moreover provide food support to single mothers, sick and disabled persons, Ebola survivors including the Star of the Sea Clinic in West Point, as well as financial support to the office of the Township Commissioner.

West Point,  the largest and most densely populated slum community in Monrovia, is home to over 100,000 people. The township is headed by a commissioner and is located on a peninsula, which juts out into the Atlantic Ocean between the Mesurrado and St. Paul Rivers.


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