Yini Memorial High Wakes Up


After several years of dormancy

After several years of family bickering over the ownership of one of the oldest private schools in Ganta, the Yini High School, appears to now be on track to commence normal academic activities.

According to the school’s new Director, Mr. Joseph Kiapeeh, the late Saye Johnny Yini appeared in his dream wondering about the status of the school, and it was based on the dream that he called on the family to decide on resuming normal academic activities.

“In the first family meeting, the children agreed to work together to revamp the school as a means of keeping the dream of their late father alive,” he said.

“We agreed and assembled on the campus in 2019 for the first clean-up campaign and it went well,” he said.

The Yini High School was established in 1968 by the late Mr. Saye Johnny Yini (who became the first City Mayor of Ganta in 1977). It was the only private school next to the faith based Ganta United Methodist School.

“The late Johnny Yini was someone who loved education and he established the school so everybody will have access to education. In those days, pregnant women were allowed to enroll because he did not want anyone to be deprived of education,” said Kiapee.

Upon the death of Mr. Yini few years ago, friction erupted among the children over ownership of the school school. When the crisis intensified, the school shut down leaving the entire campus bushy.

However, the school is now reopened to the public and running at the simi secondary level (from kindergarten to grade 10).

Prior to the closure, the school was operating as a full fledge senior high school, but Mr. Kiapeeh said at this new beginning they want to train their own 12th graders to meet up with academy excellence.

“The school has qualified teachers and the facilities are in good condition to enhance the learning process,” he said.


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