Yatta Services Comptroller Charged with US$60K Theft


By Abednego Davis 

The former comptroller of Yatta Contractual Services Incorporated, accused of stealing US$60,113 appeared before the Monrovia City Court on Monday to stand trial.

Yatta is a company sub-contracted to provide maintenance services to the Firestone Rubber Company.

Daniel Marnwehn, 58, was charged with theft of property and misapplication of entrusted property by the Liberia National Police (LNP).

Marnwehn was later released on bail, for which he qualified.

Marnwehn, who had worked for the company for several years, was charged after an investigation conducted by the police determined that he misappropriated the funds in various amounts between December 31, 2016, and February 23, 2017, according to the court record. The document also alleged that the investigation showed Marnwehn came in control of the amount through bank withdrawal from the company’s account at the International Bank of Liberia Limited (IBLL) and by writing checks to himself.

The alleged stolen checks included CK#239, in the amount of US$19,313; CK#240, US$5,000; CK#241, US$16,500; and CK#242, US$19,300, totaling US$60,113, the document quoted the police.

“After careful review of the complainant’s, witness’s and defendant’s statements, including Yatta Contractual Services Incorporated’s account statement, as well as (the) Firestone Rubber Company’s statement, it was established to charge Marnwehn with the commission of the crimes,” the document quoted the police.

The case continues.


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