Yarwin Mensonnoh Road Rehab. Kicks Off


The Administration of Nimba County has launched the rehabilitation of stretches of a road in the Yarwin Mensonnoh District, Nimba County.

The road rehabilitation project is a part of the feeder road repair project across Nimba County with funding from the ArcelorMittal Liberia Social Development Fund and the County Development Fund provided by the government of Liberia.

The commencing of the road project brought happiness to citizens who sang and danced as the convoy carrying the county officials arrived in the town of Mehnlah, where the project was launched.

Development Superintendent Dorr Cooper urged the citizens to comply with the road crew by mustering all hospitalities to make them feel at home.

He told citizens to bear any inconvenience they might encounter during the course of the road repair. As he put it, “Development comes with pain, and sometimes the road might take your house or any of your crops away.”

He maintained that the road will be wide enough to avoid erosion, noting, “Expect more side clearing during the rehabilitation.”

The occasion was attended by a cross section of county officials, including Representative R. Matinokay Tingban, in whose district the project was launched and Superintendent Fong Zuagele of Nimba. The implementing arm of the county, the Project Management Committee, was represented by comptroller Gompa Osudu Dahn and treasurer, Micheal Nuahn.

Other attendees included Commissioner Moses Vakun, chiefs, youth and women’s groups.

Superintendent Fong Zuagele told the citizens to consider side brushing the road, as was the case in the past, to avoid erosion.

He also warned against random burying of corpses and urged residents to set aside a site for burial and areas for other development projects.

Representative Tingban informed the citizens that the county administration along with the members of the Nimba Legislative Caucus will ensure that the towns in the district are entirely connected.

However, he urged that development does not come in a day’s time, adding that they should accept wherever the road rehabilitation stops.

Yarwin Mensonnoh is the home of Liberia’s future capital, Zekepa, but the road has been in a dilapidated condition for decades.

The district also connects Bong, Grand Bassa and Rivercess counties. Owing to the bad road condition facing the district, the citizens mostly transact business in Zoweinta, Bong County.

Meanwhile, District Commissioner Moses Vakun has assured the county of providing security for the protection of the machines.

“We will do our best to make sure that the machines are protected and nobody will steal the fuel,” he said.


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