“Y-Polytechnic Has Permit for TVET Only”


YMCA Clarifies, but says it is still pursuing degree-granting status

The YMCA wishes to indicate that during the closing ceremony of the 29th graduating class of its Computer Training Program, it used this occasion to present the YMCA Polytechnic College to the public. In his remarks, the Acting Director of the YMCA Polytechnic, Pastor Gabriel Briamah, stated: “The YMCA has obtained permit from the Ministry of Education for the provision of TVET courses. We are quietly working with the National Commission on Higher Education to be licensed so as to prepare for the granting of degrees. We are ready to offer diploma and certificate in TVET education.” Audio recording of this statement is available and the full video of the program can be viewed on KMTV online.

Surprisingly, we observed separate statements from the Ministry of Education and the National Commission on Higher Education suggesting that the YMCA has claimed accreditation from the Ministry of Education to operate a polytechnic. The release from the National Commission on Higher Education referenced a news article from the Daily Observer newspaper with the title: “YMCA Gets Polytechnic Status,” attributing the source of this headline to the above statement made by Mr. Briamah.

The Liberia YMCA wishes to again state that it has received a permit from the Ministry of Education to conduct Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) in the Country and makes it clear that it is applying to the National Commission on Higher Education for an official license to operate a degree granting institution.

The YMCA remains a strong partner for youth development. As we improve our services to young people, we will continue to follow the requirements in line with the laws of Liberia. YMCA also wants to use this medium to caution individuals in positions of authority, who have conflicting interests in higher education, to desist from using their national platforms and access to smear an institution that they see as a potential rival.

The YMCA wishes to highlight here that a college is an educational institution or a constituent part of one and  may be a degree-awarding tertiary educational institution, and also part of a collegiate or federal university, an institution offering vocational education or a secondary school.

The YMCA Polytechnic college is now opened for admission for young people to take courses, including information communication technology, building trade, project management, cosmetology, etc.

The YMCA of Liberia has been a major partner to the Government of Liberia in the provision of youth-friendly education and technical training services to young people. This year, the YMCA decided to establish a Polytechnic, building on its experience of offering Technical and Vocational Education and Training Courses, with a goal of upgrading to a degree granting program.


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