World Lebanese Cultural Union Identifies with Liberia in Ebola Crisis


The World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU), an umbrella group of the Lebanese community in Liberia, has turned over two JAC pickup trucks and other items to the Liberian Government to help fight Ebola in the country.

Other items donated to the Liberian Government by the WLCU on August 20 included 2,000 bags of rice, 60,000 packs of biscuits, 4,000 packs of juice, 40 beds, 2,400 bottles of oil, 24,000 bottles of water, 4,800 bottles of Chlorox, and 22,000 cakes of soap.

Other items also include 4,800 bottles of alcohol, 200 mattress, 1,800 rolls of tissue and one photocopy machine.

Turning the items over to the Government of Liberia, the WLCU acting president, Abdallah Chahni, said the items are intended to help the government in its fight against the deadly Ebola virus that has claimed many lives in the country.

In a release, the WLCU, it expressed concern over the outbreak not just for the lives of the Lebanese but also Liberians and other nationals in the territorial confines of Liberia.

The organization expressed its commitment to support the national efforts aimed at bringing relief to people of the country.

It also cautioned people to consider all preventive and hygienic measures prescribed by health authorities and abide by them.

Now that most countries are advising their citizens to leave Liberia and discouraging others from coming, the latest being South Africa, the Lebanese community has vowed to remain in full operation amidst the Ebola crisis until it subsides.

Receiving the items, General Services Director (GSA) Mary T. Broh lauded the World Lebanese Cultural Union for the gesture and continuous support to Liberia in times of need.

Meanwhile, Liberia has continued to receive assistance from partners including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, China, Nigeria, the African Development Bank, Democratic Republic of Congo and others.


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