World Council of Churches Regrets Violence in Liberia

Archbisop Rev. Kortu Brown, President, Liberia Council of Churches

– Pledges to accompany LCC to curb mounting tension

With the mounting tension and upsurge of lawlessness prevailing in the country, the World Council of Churches (WCC) has expressed its regret for what it has described as “instability and violence occurring in Liberia,” a release said on Thursday, August 22, 2019.

According to the release, the WCC through its Division for Human Rights and Disarmament, informed the president of the Council of Churches (LCC) that it is “very sorry to hear of the instability and violence which you are facing in Liberia.”

WCC’s statement comes as a consequence of recent violent actions in Electoral District #15 in Montserrado County, emanating from the stalled by-election in that district.

“The country has been engulfed by a wave of violent actions being carried out by people believed to belong to political parties or actors in the country. Concerning instituting preventable actions to undermine violence in the country, WCC assured that it will be willing to support the effort of the LCC,” the statement said.

According to WCC, it will also be engaged in networking and sharing information on developments in Liberia and worldwide, adding, “One upcoming opportunity in the United Nations (UN) system in Geneva will be the review of Liberia by the UN Human Rights Council in April or May next year.”

To inform that review, WCC suggests that the LCC submits a report on violent actions and actors in Liberia. The report is expected at the end of August 2019 for preliminary sharing by September 2019.

The LCC has meanwhile constituted a fact-finding mission to determine the cause of the violence in District #15 on August 17, 2019 and subsequent political and electoral violence, including a recent disruption at the headquarters of the Liberty and CDC parties in Monrovia.

The Council is also working on establishing an Ecumenical Observatory Group (EOG) against violence to help protect the peace, democracy and stability of the country, and to enhance accountability, justice and the rule of law.

The group is to monitor, document and report on all cases and perpetrators of violence, inciting languages, political intolerance and threats to peace, democracy and stability in the country, periodically – calling for national and international actions against perpetrators or inciters of violence.

WCC is a partner on this initiative. Its statement was signed by Bishop Kortu K. Brown, LCC’s president.


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