World Bank Provides Liberia US$15M to Fight COVID-19

Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel D. Tweah, Jr.

The World Bank has committed US$15 million to help the Government of Liberia to fight the COVID-19 pandemic that has surfaced in the country.

Making the disclosure on March 19 at a press conference in Monrovia, Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel Tweah, said the Bank has currently made available US$1.5 million to help the government to start the fight against the coronavirus while they are working on making available in total US$6 million that is expected to be in the country within six days.

According to Minister Tweah, US$7.5 million will come through the World Bank for the emergency response commitment. “Therefore, you can say the World Bank is bringing in $15 million for the fight against the virus.”

He said US$6 million will come from the World Bank based on what he referred to as ‘contingency’ in the coming days.

The Minister also disclosed that the International monetary fund has made available US$50 billion globally for countries, and therefore the government is making every effort by speaking to relevant authorities to make a request because the virus will have a trickle-down effect on the economy.

For the Liberian Government itself, he noted that while it (government) remains grateful to international partners for all of the support, the government is also making available US$500,000, stressing that the government is ensuring to hold every stakeholder accountable for every cent spent to avoid the Ebola scenario.

It may be recalled that serious concern was raised after the Ebola crisis as to how the millions of dollars that came in were used as there is no accountability up to present.

At the press conference yesterday, Dr. Peter Graaff, World Health Organization Country Representative, called on Liberians to collectively fight the COVID-19 as it was done during the EBOLA outbreak in 2014.  Many representatives of the International Community, including former United States Ambassador to Liberia, Debora R. Malac, praised ordinary Liberians for being resilient and cooperative in fighting the Ebola virus despite frustration encountered with the government in terms of slow response which resulted to the death of many.

Dr. Graaff said COVID-19 is a new virus that the world is fighting, without a special treatment.

Dr. Mosoka Fallah, Acting Director General of the National Public health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL), also told the media that they have been able to locate 21 high-risk contacts and tested 17 persons on Wednesday, March 18. Of those tested, he said, 16 were negative.

Dr. Fallah said even though they were tested negative, they are still being interviewed and their tests will be repeated to ensure accuracy.

He said in order to protect the public, they have decided to secure an environment at the 14-Military Hospital that is ideal enough to quarantine and treat people who have the coronavirus.

Dr. Fallah said the government is using closed-circuit television surveillance to trace other contacts and, with the help of community members, they have gotten some of them and taken their specimen for testing.

“We will continue to expand as we have the second contact.  We are now trying to get more and more contacts; thanks to the community and the media,” he said.

According to Dr. Fallah, they were encountering breaches in protocols at the Roberts International Airport, but with the intervention of President George M.Weah, a system has been set up to ensure that the health protocols are respected and observed.

“We are going to intensify our observation system at the airport to ensure that five persons disembark one at a time on every plane that lands in the country,” Dr. Fallah said.


  1. I see why some people can do everything to end up in government. This is the most money making institution, very profitable and get rich overnight system set up in Africa. Another free money has dropped in the hole.

    • I pray, it is noted that this isn’t free money, and that this is the time that this government can proven its potential to govern a population of 4.5 million people. We cannot avoid to be disrespected any longer by other nations. Especially when we have experienced pandemic in the past and lost unnecessary lives, that could have been saved with productive leaderships from various establishments. I’m sure there are many patriots in the government who love this country dearly and would surcombe any challenges related to this current pandemic. I’m hopefully that with adequate communication and logistics in place, we will be able to combat COVID19

  2. This really supports the speculatation theory of Hon. Yekeh Kolubah that, there was no virus in Liberia and the sega about Nathaniel Blama being tested positive was a 419 set up to get money from the world bank. Mr. Blama just tested positive and out of sudden,something has drop into the bucket for Liberia to help fight the virus. I don’t really take everything serious from Hon. Kolubah but this one is very fascinating and mind bothering. Was this a coincidence or Mr. Blama has been used as a bit to fishing? Now a 2nd test was done on Mr. Blama and what was the result?

  3. Most Liberians naively think the monies given to our stupid governments in Africa are free, NO! Far from the truth brothers and sisters!
    Every cent given at any time is reimbursed at a rate of at least 150%. Haven’t you guys heard the phrase “No pity in business”?
    In the business world, dog eats dog!

    We will repay for every cent, in one way or another, by hook or by crook, to the institutions or people giving us the money.
    So, my sisters and brothers, wake up from your slumber. Let’s ask for accountability of monies loaned to our governments, let’s ensure they are used for the intended purpose/s because we will reimburse every penny plus the interests.

    That’s why we need to vote people who can create wealth; harness our natural resources and human capital potentials to create value chains within our society. The millions you see from here and there will be reimbursed in its entirety. Don’t think that’s free money, my people!

    • This is exactly my point, these monies are payable with interest. The nation will pay for monies that will end in individuals bank accounts and the masses won’t get any benefits. Trust me we will get some information about mismanagement of monies given to fight this corona virus.

  4. what happened to the donors fund for EBOLA. haha $15million for Weah and Tweah

    • The World Bank and IMF do NOT encourage corruption brother. We, the people, must hold our governments responsible and demand accountability.

      We are living in a global village. When you have problem in your home, you will undoubtedly disturb the peace and tranquility of your neighbors and friends from near and afar. And so, everyone will come in to lend you some helping hands by giving you pieces of advice or loaning you some money, if you don’t have, to solve the problem/s.
      Beware, before you are given such funds, you will sign paper on how and when you can pay; either in medium or long term by compensation of some mineral resources or direct cash reimbursements.

      We have huge cash burdens to be paid to some countries for our foolish 14-year fratricide. Ghana and Nigeria openly waived their debts on us, the others have not done so.

      Liberians, let this go into our brains, we need to work and stop politicking. Vote in people who can LEAD us to prosperity, not people who have made it their goal to RULE us for selfish reason/s.

  5. Paterus Dolo

    I like reading your comments because they are very insightful and thought-provoking.

    Anyway, I hope and pray with you Mr. Dolo for our people to be able to develop such a level of thinking. Don’t hold your breath because this may never occur in this millenium.

    A cousin called me from Liberia and told me the IMF was donating the amount to Liberia because of Weah’s popularity in the football arena. Many of our brothers and sisters cannot even grasp the fact the present reality the country is facing is also largely attributed to the president’s reckless ambitions and total disregard for their plight.

    And so this underscores the fact once again if democracy is to thrive in any society, the need to pursue a vigorous educational agenda must not be ignored.

    How can people know their constitutional rights and know they are misinformed and propagandized by their government when they are uneducated, illiterate, and can be easily bamboozled? This is one of the serious dysfunctions, which led them to elect Weah in the first place.

  6. Right-to-be-anonymous,

    If we all sit by and say there can never be a change in this millennium, our children will hold us responsible for not doing anything to improve the situation.

    The USA, the greatest country on planet earth today, was once a waste land with savage rainforests, uncultivated grasslands, mountains and cliffs from the West to the East coasts. Some brave men and women waded across the dangerous rivers and combed through the wilderness to build cities, towns and isolated dwellings and villages.

    We must do the same for our country. We should not abandon it all and turn our backs to enjoy the comfort of the West while the patrimony of our forefathers lay waste and in desolation.
    We can make a change, yes, we can!

    We must dare start something! It must start with the right people headed by the right person. We have such right person who has decided to let go of his opulent lifestyle in the USA and his fabulous job to save motherland. We need to join him in the endeavor.

    With the current COVID-19 situation, everyone knew Liberia was not a haven. But it is unconceivable to have been government officials who have returned from high-risk countries and yet refused to be tested or quarantined.
    Most of all, is it feasible to accept that an ambulance would have been sent for an official and then he refused to board such specialized vehicle, risking the life of his poor driver?
    If I were related to that driver, I would have filed a lawsuit against that pompous and disgruntled Mr. man.

    Let’s do something together or else we are doomed, and our children will hold us responsible!

  7. Petarus

    Good words of encouragement Petarus; my comments were not literally meant though. I expressed them out of the frustrations and the slow pace of development existing within our society vis-à-vis neighboring countries like the Ivory Coast, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and other countries within the region.

    However, like you said, and I’ll take your words of advice and encouragement, we cannot give up and mortgage the future of the other promising generations. The path is rugged, but we will make it if we faint not.

  8. Reminiscent of the EJS Administration and the EBOLA Funds.
    No clean hand. Whilst, she received the “Albert Nobel Peace Price”.

  9. GoL please purchase OXYGEN wirhave some of these monies for the major referrals hospitals. At least 2000 oeWomen more tanks.

  10. Mr Dolo, thanks for the enlightenment.Only confused people are with the belief that the support/s given this government to fight the coronavirus spring from the popularity of George weah.

    It’s rather unfortunate, Mr Dolo, for a people that have suffered the consequnces of often putting the wrong individuals in trusted positions continues to support such people even at their own detriment.First of all, many Liberians do not pity their own conditions,let alone to consider the future of their country in dicision-making processes.

    People like you might never get into parliament nor to the presidency,even if you wish it, because your analyses are balanced and perhaps you have never gunned down another Liberian and come on the radio to brag about it. But we must NOT let the pen to rest! For I’m convinced that one day, it might not be our generation, this nation will rise above ignorance, the abuse of power, rampant corruption, underdevelopment, poverty, marginalization, divisiveness, deception _then the rule of law will prevail and this nation will once again breathe a fresh air of relief and all will be owed to your relentless efforts for truth.


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